Evoker Legendary Quest -Mythic Sarkareth Drop

I wouldn’t be surprised.
Blizzard’s team is kind of a toss up of people with ideas that have no idea what to do anymore so they throw stuff at a wall and see what sticks.

They changed I think a manuscript [dragonriding] thing so it dropped in lower difficulties after some commotion… not sure why they’d keep this at mythic also for a race that I bet little % play [no offense].

I don’t care 'cause I don’t play dracthyr but they really need to get a clue and read the room if this ends up sticking.

That’s it precisely. They need to learn from their own successes. People are responding well to Dragonflight for a myriad of reasons. Regressive decisions like this (might be) are not among those reasons.

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It’s not even regressive, this is the most exclusive legendary ever

True. It’s philosophically regressive.

I just wonder what their thought was where your avg joe has no chance of even trying for it.

Even the something like Naxx or Sunwell your avg joe could at least TRY to get it, mythic is insurmountable for many people.

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Here’s a bit of info on how this works:

Once Scalecommander Sarkareth has been defeated for the first time on Mythic difficulty, the Cracked Titan Gem item that begins a Legendary weapon questline for Evokers will have a chance to drop from Scalecommander Sarkareth on all difficulties after the weekly reset in the region that he’s been defeated in. The item will be very rare on Raid Finder difficulty (when available) and slightly increases in drop rate with each difficulty.


So if you’re on a dead server, or one that doesn’t do mythic that much you don’t get it still? This doesn’t seem fair lol. I’m sorry but this isn’t the way to compromise. :frowning:

Edit: realize j misread. Phew :heart:


If it’s region wide, just need a US guild to defeat mythic. Doesn’t matter if they’re on your server.

Edit: didn’t realize Liquid is a US guild and already cleared. I guess the quest starter will have a chance to drop on all difficulties starting tomorrow.


its ur fault you are on a dead realm


Per server? Per region? Globally?

Perfect, thank you!

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It says in the post its per region, come on now



I need another coffee


This is SO COOL!

Lemme get this straight.

The class that has inherited abilities from other classes with better versions of the same spells, now gets a legendary that will be ~200 main stat better than any other class.

After already having a very busted weapon in Vault.

I guess this truly is just an expansion for Evokers :rofl:

Cries in shaman waiting on that special Totem that will never come.


Can you confirm how this works for oceanic players? Oceanic servers are technically separate but we’re counted in a lot of things as being in the US region. Do we fall under the US region in this requirement or does Mythic Sarkareth need to be killed in an Oceanic server?

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I’m sure that each difficulty will have its own ilevel. And the equip isn’t for them, it’s for others in your group.

Welcome to being a Hero class.


I wouldn’t be too sure. He drops a quest item, not the weapon proper.

Very cool that is what I was hoping it’d be, but thank you very much for the quick confirmation! I’m really looking forward to doing the quest and hope this sort of thing happens in the future, its been one of the things I’ve been most hyped on for this patch.