Evoker Legendary Quest -Mythic Sarkareth Drop

It goes to me so often that I assumed it was prioritizing me over everyone else.

And so it begins… People getting their random super rare loot lfr drop on their first attempt on their 6th alt that they didn’t even do the questline for sark kill on and probably won’t get around to craft vs people on their main character for the expansion with multiple kills getting ready for next few weeks of pugs because the rest of their guild is doing hot girl summer.

Judging by my chat channel, it can’t be that rare.

Could say the same about the kazzara skin that you see all over Valdrakken… Doesn’t mean I’ll be getting either anytime soon.

Its deceptively rare because every single evoker that makes it in the entire zone ie America continent and some islands will cause the chat message. Which might actually be why its so rare to begin with, that the message is only several times a hour shows how rare it actually is.

Quick update on some discussions we’ve seen -

Defeating Scalecommander Sarkareth on the highest difficulty will cover your best chance for getting the Cracked Titan Gem that week. Doing the encounter extra times on lower difficulties won’t increase your chances of getting the item.

Ok I’m drawing blanks here, why on earth would you hold on this information for 6 weeks?

I think you’ll need to clarify it considering you already kept this under wraps for so long.

Does doing LFR > NORMAL > HEROIC > MYTHIC give you 4 different chances at rolling for the Legendary or does doing LFR lock you out for the week of rolling for the legendary? You’ve worded it terribly poorly and you know every Evoker has and will be doing the absolute min/max option to get them a chance at the weapon.


I’m not sure I understand. This implies that your chance to get the legendary is based on your highest-difficulty kill per week, but wouldn’t that be worked around by virtue of just doing LFR, then Normal, then Heroic (and Mythic thereafter if you’re in a position to kill that boss), in order of increasing difficulty?

This doesn’t check out, though. Why would it work the way you described it? Are people just wasting their time doing all difficulties?

This feels very, very poorly-worded.

So, we have to do LFR, then Normal, then Heroic to have the best chance?

Or doing Heroic will have a chance equal to all 3?

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WHY has this not been out day 1?
no, really, why?
are you telling me ive wasted over a MONTH doing normal then heroic and now lfr, normal, heroic. and now you’re just telling me I’ve been wasting my time and should just be doing heroic?

blizzzzzzard. PLEASE


respectfully, this is the most confusing way you could have typed this out.


So what your saying is doing lfr on tuesday bricks the drop chance for the week since its a weekly drop? Or does it mean to it in ascending order? Either way this sounds questionable.

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Can this be clarified a bit further because I don’t really understand.

So for example, if we defeat Heroic Sarkareth then there is zero value doing Normal or LFR Sarkareth as there will be a zero chance the Cracked Titan Gem will drop?

But if we first do it in the order of LFR > Normal > Heroic then each individual difficulty will have a chance of the item to drop? And doing it in this order, will the chance of the drop progressively increase as we go up in difficulty like previously stated or does completing the lower difficulties ‘remove’ or negate a % chance in the higher difficulties?

As a Devastation main, it is really frustrating to have not have the Legendary drop after clearing multiple difficulties each week since it has become available. There really should be bad luck protection for this.


Amgery. So… All the evokers who’d do LFR or Normal before their heroic kill significantly reduced their chances compared to the ones who’d do Heroic first?

Currently 1/7/6 for LFR/Normal/Heroic kills but due to how progression works, would always save the higher-difficulty for later.


Yea, this is not a very clear or concise explanation.

Could we possibly get a much more descriptive… description?

Ie: Is there ANY point to doing say LFR and Normal if you’ve already killed it on heroic?

Is it correct to do it in order LFR > Normal > Heroic > Mythic(where applicable)?

Soooo many questions.


This is an awful change, if it’s a change.

My guild has been progressing casually through Aberrus Normal and Heroic, but the way this change is worded, now all the evokers on my team are going to be punished for doing Aberrus with us and not pugging Sark on a higher difficulty then what we’re doing? This feels extremely anti-guild, especially casual guilds, and I recommend normalizing the drop chance across Normal / Heroic / LFR if this is how you’re going to do it.


I don’t think this is a change, I think it’s something that’s been around since the drop has become active and they just decided not to say anything?


I’m confused, so if people have been running Normal then Heroic, or running LFR then Normal then Heroic, means they’ve been bricking their attempts because they completed a lower difficulty first and that’s their only reward chance time?

If that’s true, it should immediately be changed because no one clarified that the past 6 weeks we’ve been bringing an entire raid team to get our Evoker the leggo and it’s not only waisting 1 person’s time, its waisting our entire raid teams time.


This doesn’t make any sense. Can you explain exactly what this means? If I kill it on Normal on Tuesday and Heroic on Friday, does that mean I can’t get it from the Heroic kill?


Same. Literally wasted my entire guild’s time by doing normal sark before heroic sark kill specifically for the legendary drop. Feels really bad. Think we may have some people just gquit now since a few of them didn’t even want to do normal sark. RIP blizz.