***EVERYTHING We Definitively Know about Classic***


I wanted a full on classic experience.

No sharding. No loot trading.

What will come next


L50 boosts of course.


Congrats, there’s no sharding!

And loot trading is LITERALLY a non-issue.

(Fateweaver) #396

I wouldn’t say a non-issue, but definitely not a big issue.



I don’t see how it’s an issue when it’s limited to raids only, and only to people that were present when the item was won?

(Fateweaver) #398

Meh, it wasn’t in Vanilla. But I digress.


(Pago) #399

I know Classic is based upon patch 1.12 and RPPvP servers came out in patch 1.8.0 in September 2005. No reason not to have one.

(Orronis) #400

I would like to know how they will handle the transfer of toons from Classic to TBC and/WotLK. Will those be paid transfers or free?

Sorry if this questions has been asked/answered already. Did a google search with any relevant results.


At this time there are no plans for TBC or WOTLK so that’s why there’s no info for it.

That being said I can almost guarantee you if Classic is a success they’ll do TBC - and that characters will not copy over.

(Cowgoezmoo) #402

Unexpected right in the feels thanks…


Server names to be released before name reserve, see latest stress test post by bliz.


Quote or gtfo.

Not seeing anything about realm names.


Well…since it’s tomorrow and we still don’t have a list they best hurry up LOL


Meant to say before name reserve, not stress test. Fixed and quote inserted.


Dude, It sucks that you can’t play but you should have bought a PC. For example, my 2009 Alienware (It’s a Dell dude!) can play everything even more modern games. I get around 40-50 fps in far cry 5 on ultra.

A newer PC then your iMac isn’t going to cost you that much. Maybe $400-$600. As long as your not trying to go state of the art you should be fine.

If you want a more modern computer you could go to one of those companies that help finance it like Dell. You’d be paying $20-$85/month for a few years. I just looked at an alienware area-51 Threadripper and it says as low as $84 per month. In the long run, you’d be paying more then you would in a straight sale but it might be easier to pay over time. I believe there are more companies that do this like MDG in Canada, Dell is in the US and Canada. You’d have to search for more in your area of the world.

Or you could build your own It is cheaper than buying a premade computer but there is more of a hassle.

I like apple and all, I have an iPad and an iPhone XR Red but as a gamer, I couldn’t get an apple computer as most games are made for PC.



My big question is are you gonna have the Creepy Goldshire Children in the game again, I miss them and love pointing them out.


Will there be a different token for classic, as the gold acquisition is drastically different from retail?

(Christhina) #410

I would think there won’t be a “Classic token”. It wasn’t in Vanilla, and the team want to make it as authentic as possible.

Tokens will remain as-is in retail, and tokens used there for game time will of course include access to Classic as it’s bundled under the same subscription.


It would be nice to get confirmation, though.


Hopefully some devs or forum mods see this one.

As a player from back in Vanilla 1.7-.1.12, i strongly suggest to NOT move beyond classic if you ever come across the option of moving to TBC and WOTLK. Instead create new tiers of armour and raids that maybe you guys had planned back in the early 2000’s. This will be the perfect time to add things to the vanilla product that “could of been” Hyjal, Emerald Portals and many places in wow classic that were a mystery on what they could lead to. Beyond tier 3 with new classic never before seen raids, keep the level cap to 60 just keep bringing out new raids and events, if you need to make “expansions” to the classic build then just add new area’s and different story lines keeping the 10/20/40 person raids. I wouldn’t mind seeing a classic “arena” mode come in the future.

Those are just my thoughts and where i’d progress the “classic” build.