***EVERYTHING We Definitively Know about Classic***


can u still put a massive enchant on “tuxedo pants” and a lvl 10 twink can kill lvl 20s


A Kang’s Decapitator??? Nice. The adrenaline rush from looting a purple while out randomly farming was so intense back then!! I had a similar reaction myself while killing mobs out in the Barrens for quests in Crossroads. Granted it wasn’t a purple, but getting a Savory Deviate Delight recipe back in vanilla was like winning the lottery due to the super low drop rate. You basically just made your money needed for your level 40 mount. (or training I can’t remember cause Blizzard swapped the costs of them at one point also)

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I think you forgot to mention you cannot obtain the original classic epic mounts this time around. Which really really sucks because I was looking forward to my all white frostsaber :confused:


No tokens at all.


Do we know this for sure? Originally nobody thought we would have sharding but now we have this layering crap.


No-one ever thought that (or should have), since Blizzard said they’d likely have sharding, on stage.


I haven’t heard anything regarding tokens at all.


The Pre-Blizzcon Dev interviews said that they probably won’t. And the Dev interviews said there won’t be.

But the key is, every thing they added that isn’t vanilla has been clearly communicated in advance.


How will the soul trees be? Will it be the original, or the cookie cutter bullcrap they have now?

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What’s a soul tree?


No idea…

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Just wondering if wow tcg card items and mounts and pets we have redeemed back in the day from the guy at booty bay you had to insert code to receive the item from be valid in classic ? Just asking since it is looks only and makes no difference to the gameplay. Naturally, they will not be tradeable. For example, even if you have the tcg mounts, you will still need to learn riding at 40 and 60 to use them. If i recall correctly once we rredeemed them he would always have them available for you, albeit soulbound.


TCG cards and items were added in 2.0.1, not Vanilla.


On the Ahn’Qiraj event and title. Will that title cross over to retail?


BFA and Classic are two separate apartments under one roof. There will be no crossing over from one to the other of any items/titles/whatnot whatsoever.

Except the baby panda that OG Collectors Editions from 2004 received, thats the exception. They have to be on their original account too to activate it, so now we get to be envious all over again lol.


I love my baby panda <3


Will resource nodes respawn as fast as mobs?


I didn’t see this listed in your post but what about guilds? Are they back to levels and the older perks that went with them?


Should be exactly as it was, not sure what changes you’re referring to however?


What was the guild structure like? Did they have levels? What kinda perks did they have?
To me for some reason I get the feeling guilds were more special and you “behaved” to a point were a /gkick threat from an officer would hold some weight and not feel like changing a shoe. I’m not sure if I explained it right but I hope you get an idea of the question i had.