***EVERYTHING We Definitively Know about Classic***


What are you blathering about?


He’s trolling.

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Exactly. Report and move on.

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Was at work, and this poped up on my search on the phone.

Interesting little tid bit none the less. No new info but it’s nice to see media outlets cover this.

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Says release date in it…click…we know nothing about when it will be released. So click baity.


I actually saw the graphic differences on a youtube vid and was quite content with the way you can adjust some of the environment to a modern standard while keeping that Vanilla feel.

I might be one of the few people with this opinion, but I would LOVE the option of fully using nowadays’ graphics, models, animations and assets, because what matters to me in Classic is mostly the game systems - not the eyesore graphics themselves, which to be completely honest is the only thing that Blizz is getting it right with BfA.


Added release date and beta information to OP.


Uh…so there’s a LOT of information beginning to flood the forums - please help me out and post new posts - with source links - about new features. I’ve already seen something about CRBGs and the such.


Add layering please!


Anyone recall if a BFA lic on a account will be needed for classic.


It will not. Only a subscription.


thx m8…

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Hey Banjaa, just some new info if you feel or think it’s update worthy, they’re going with the old mount skill system, here’s proof below, time @ 3:22 mins in, i think.

As for O.G unarmored mounts as well here, thanks!

:Edit, it seems if you had the O.G Collector edition tied to your account you’ll have the pets, with you as well in classic.


Thanks Pintero, got it added - expanded on the Q about sharding, updated some of the “Questions we have for Blizzard” section as well.


Nice they just ruined lfg. Loot sharing is going to cause trade chat to be spammed with “Selling mc run, you get all class loot, 1kg pst” Good job you made the worst aspect of the game continue to classic. Going to have to filter through mass spams to sell items or lfg.


This is possibly the WORST take on this I’ve seen.

You can already do that on master loot genius.

This is just to avoid issues with loot being mis-assigned.


Have you come to terms with layering yet? I still don’t see it on your list. Willful blindness lol?


Maybe you need to learn to read then, because it’s been there since the post I made saying I put it in there.


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