***EVERYTHING We Definitively Know about Classic***


Added “Progressive Itemization” to the list of things we know will NOT be in the game.


any news on an actual date for release or is it still a vague summer 2019


Still Summer.


We definitely know we will never get a beta release date.

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New data just posted in a non-sticky thread by Kaivax.


Good news for some people worried about having to share character space with retail. Hope nobody deleted characters!


Yay, I was so hoping they do this again. For the Alliance!


Any chance you can update this with the new info and quotes?


Played Classic back in the day but just wondering, is attunement going to be a requirement for dungeons/raids or will it not exist in 1.12’s version?


it was a requirement until it was removed wayyyyy later


Yes. 1.12.


its gonna suck


Oh how the cow has turned.


Sure, what am I missing?


Primarily, quotes.

  • AV1.12 post - Which has now been unpinned.
  • Employee Alpha post - Which has now been unpinned.
  • Progressive itemisation post
  • Character caps and PVP - Random reply.

You can add links or quotes to the post without being TL3.

Its going to be a modified version of (*at least *) the 8.1 API right now, and will continue forward as we go. We know this because all the current builds are changing the 81000 number to 13000.

We know that progressive item release will occur. We also know that pre-1.10 they’re going to use the pre-1.10 drop rate tables for mobs, then switch over in CP5 to using the 1.12 drop rate tables (from the Classic Update post).


The AV doesn’t seem to be relevant, and the employee alpha testing is good info, but relevant to the finished product.

I will look at the other pieces when I can, I’m so sleep deprived right now I can barely keep my eyes from crossing.

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Sharding in all zones for classic, so no stormwind or orgrimmar raids.


I for one will be looking forward to play Vanilla I havn’t played it when it was launched I started playing WoW back in BC late BC to be exact. So I am defiantly going to play it. I am not sure if blizzard gonna update the models that blizzard has updated on each expansion. If they do it will to me be an icing on the cake type of thing it dosn’t really have to be the structures but mainly plants, trees, Characters, beasts, and npcs to be added so blizzard won’t have to do hard work on updating alot of the structures that were old. For now I will hope for the best.