Eternity’s End PTR

As you may have seen elsewhere, we’re preparing the Eternity’s End PTR for public testing.

At this point in our process, we have several additional steps and tests of our own that we need to complete before public testing can begin. We want you to know that it’s looking like we may not be able to open the PTR publicly before the end of the week marks the beginning of the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday.

We’ll keep you posted on when the PTR will be ready for public testing. We’re really looking forward to having everyone join us in the new content!


Can’t wait for this.

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Ooh funky! Please take your time to make it fun! I’m liking 9.1.5 and no reason to rush if there’s no 9.3 imclgo.


Thanks for updating us.

Please take your time, a lot of us are willing to wait extra if it means the quality will be better.


So much for the PTR not being released till January.

Oh no, what’s going on? People falling into the water?


Holidays and what not, pretty much a given they wouldn’t release a PTR during that. Sounds as expected.

Thank you for the update.

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Thank you for the update as well. We all appreciate the communication.


10/10 :joy:

Thanks for the update.

Seek help…

Take your time making 9.2 a great patch, make it count since it will be the last patch before 10.0 :slight_smile:

Wait a little longer. I don’t have cutting edge yet lmfao.

Even if its a clunky ptr release I would really like to test out the double lego combinations

Does that mean they are testing the water?

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…so which PTR forum mega-thread will be ignored this time? :laughing:

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Wow, they are really communicating. Lets see if this keeps up, and if they will really listen to feedback.

Enjoying the extra communication, thanks for letting us know!

Good one~~


That’s not possible… This is water we’ve never seen before. It’s actually water we can walk on.