Eternity’s End PTR

I’m loving the communication. This is a great change.

Good I need to keep my focus up for all the turkey I need to eat! If you have it ready after thanksgiving so I can eat leftovers, drink some beers, and play some PTR it’s all good my homey.

Yes please



Makes sense. Didn’t Bobby give everyone the week of Thanksgiving off or something? Better to just enjoy that, come back and launch the PTR.


Nice!!! Please give unique customizations to void elves, they are the legion allied race with less options now.

I’m not really worried about a team that only made 1 content patch in a year “rushing” anything.

I like this new level of input from the team, thanks for keeping us in the loop. :sunglasses:

I am very excited to read all the feedback Blizzard leadership has no interest in. Still salty about how universal 9.0 PTR feedback was and how 9.0 live went along with zero adjustments, and 9.0.X updates continued counter to feedback. Doubly salty that the people who dictated that to happen and flushed the franchise down the toilet over their vision are still bullying the rest of the development team. Every dang type of player came out of the woodworks in 9.0 PTR to say 9.0 gearing was terrible, and now they’re permanently backfooted because 80% of every dang type of player quit. Why do we need a PTR? You can’t find the client crashes in house?

My only question: Is timing M20s for the special portal unlocks … is that going away in 9.2?

Or will that be a challenge until the end of the expac? Assuming there isn’t going to be a 9.2.5.