Eternity’s End Preview: Solo Shuffle

Eternity’s End Preview: Solo Shuffle

Dive into the heart of this new feature with insights from the World of Warcraft team.

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I just hope this leads to solo queue for rated battlegrounds as well.

As I feel like the people asking for solo queue for arenas are a loud minority, and solo queue for rated BGs would serve the game better overall. The fact that having objective based PvP is simply more popular, as can be seen by other PvP games. Also keep in mind, with more players, team compositions would be more flexible than arenas.


I think it’d be neat as well. The biggest hassle is finding 10 people to put together who don’t all leave after one loss.

Also, will solo queue match people by iLvl? I don’t want to be at iLvl 250 and get placed with 2 team mates at iLvl 220 against a team of 3 250 players.


buff honor gains, there are too many upgrade ranks now, and it takes too much honor and honor rates are way too low.


Here’s an idea: make all conquest gear scale to the same PvP ilvl, and require full set of conquest to queue


I think the dev team nailed the descriptions of the problems people face today facing difficulty finding partners to play, especially at off hours.

I’m looking forward to try this and hope that the haters don’t shut it down just because it’s different…


Super excited for this, but I am a little concerned about item level differences. I feel like a major problem with arena skirmishes for me is that it’s not even worth queueing unless you’re already geared since you will likely get crushed immediately by other geared players if you’re not geared.

Skirmishes are more of a testing ground for builds and macros rather than a place to earn honor/conquest or even have fun.

Will cohorts be created based on PVP item level or will players will player gear be normalized somehow?

I would love to see a similar idea for RBG, although I don’t know how that would work - maybe a kickball-style team pick before it begins.


“Unlike regular Arena, the first team to kill an opponent will immediately win the round”

Oh well, guess the only thing to look out for is the most undergeared player :slight_smile:


Why make this so complicated? Make a solo queue 3v3 ladder and be done with it


Not crazy about this, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Brawls are an awesome way to test out new PvP modes & systems.

Please look into SoloQue options for Rated Battlegrounds too. We could have seperate Rated Bracket for SoloQue & organized groups the same way League of Legends does.


The new system scrambles the teams each round making things more fair since you’re not going to be screwed over because you got 2 undergeared people on your team each time.

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They said why


I am genuinely excited about this, and the direction it implies.

However, the real 9.2 news I’m waiting for is this:

“In 9.2 all honor gear will scale to ___ ilvl and all conquest gear will scale to ____ ilvl in PvP instances. Pieces will still be able to be upgraded as they have been in previous SL seasons, but such upgrades will only affect the items’ PvE ilvls.”


It took me a minute to realize it, but by far the best part about this queue would be one simple fact:

No boosters.


Speaking of league, it would be interesting to have a “duo queue”, where you could at least join up with 1 other player. Playing with friends, imo, should always be encouraged, and while duo-quing for arenas would be much more impactful (2 out of 3 premade), doing it for BGs would be much less impactful.

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Idk, boosting is already so toxic for the arena ladder and duo queue would allow a softer version of it.

Would much rather solo queue be the only option initially – you’d still get the “0 to 3000 :100::sweat_drops:” twitch smurfs, but way way way fewer carries where you’re trying to outplay 2 r1’s in a 1700 game.


I was saying that duo queue would be good for rated battlegrounds, not arena. So at MOST you’d be dealing with 50% of the enemy being boosters (assuming every person was duo queue’d, and every duo was a booster, which likely wouldn’t happen). This would be much more manageable than the current arena boosting where it is 1/2 boosters in 2v2, or 2/3 boosters in 3v3.

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Just don’t have upgrades at all, solves 2 issues.

Needing to pvp for pve gear and rating massively increasing your ilvl making it harder to get into pvp.


I mean, I’m intrigued.
Be interesting to see where this goes and what they learn from it.

I think the upgrade system, in terms of PvE ilvl, is in a really good spot right now. As it stands, PvP gear can be grinded out fairly quickly and consistently, but because of the lower PvE scaling on it it doesn’t replace PvE gear or force PvE players to PvP. It gives a nice reward to those who want to purely PvP but still feel powerful outside of PvP scenarios, and still get a feeling of increasing power.