Eternal Palace Tuning This Week

With scheduled weekly maintenance in each region, we’re making the following adjustments to encounters in Azshara’s Eternal Palace:

Dungeons and Raids

  • The Eternal Palace
    • Orgozoa
      • Reduced Orgozoa’s health by 5% on Mythic difficulty.
      • Reduced the health of Zoatroids and Orgozoa’s naga allies by 5% on Mythic difficulty.
    • Queen’s Court
      • Reduced the health of Silivaz and Pashmar by 5% health on Mythic difficulty.
    • Queen Azshara
      • Powering up an Ancient Ward or draining Azshara’s Ward of Power now reduces the maximum health of the caster by 8% per stack on all difficulties (was 10%).

In this region, maintenance is scheduled to begin at 7:00 a.m PDT on Tuesday, December 17. Thank you!


Is this the patch with the pvp vendors?


sounds good!

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How much for orgazoa? And you should reduce azsharas hp by 5% as well

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This could all be avoided if you just brought back the slowly increasing 5% nerf on the entire raid. There is surprisingly a lot of guild still stuck on the entry boss on Mythic. And even more still stuck on Ashvane even after nerfs. I welcome the Orgozoa nerf though, probably not enough.


Thanks for the heads up!

Any chance of details on how much Orgozoa’s health got nerfed? It’ll affect our strat a bit since we’re trying to avoid Zoatroid waves.

Very cool! :ok_hand:

Nothing about Za’qul, really?


Is -anything- really necessary 6 months into the tier?

Man for real - Can Blizz just seriously look into this and consider bringing them back? I mean we got so many damn Allied Races, now give PvP a bit of love and bring back Vendors sooner than later ! @Bornakk @Kaivax - Thanks for reading

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Can you stop nerfing PVE content for players because they aren’t good enough to clear it?

ilvl advancement should be a nerf enough for good players to clear mythic. You’re basically giving players who can’t clear something the chance for more loot without having to actually do the bosses as they were created.


Can you stop nerfing PVE content for players because they aren’t good enough to clear it?

1.04-1.18 in the video below explains why they can’t do that.


This was done only twice in the entire history of the game. It’s far from a standard thing.

Also both were final tiers that lasted 9-12 months.

In the past previous expansions you could go back and do previous tiers for decent gear, however now every tier is a completely new expansion within the expansion. There is absolutely no reason to do BoD even as a catchup as the gear from Nazjatar is far superior and normal EP is mythic quality BoD.

It was used far more then twice, just not always in the same format. TBC had a flat 30% nerf, Wrath had the stacking 5% buff, Cata the stacking 5% nerf, MoP had ilvl upgrades that went up 4 times, WoD had the Legendary rings that went crazy, Legion had Concordance, and BFA will have Corruption. They also nerfed Firelands/the first tier of Cata by a flat 20% even when it was still current. Im just saying the Dragonsoul one was the best examples (and one of the worst raids lol) and should be just used always. Hitting brick walls is the #1 reason raiders quit this game or leave guilds. Target nerfs are great but don’t happen often enough and rarely in the spots you want them to. I mean they have already nerfed Ashvane by 10%, and many other bosses by 5-10%, so why not?


Eh, previous raids being obsolete really became prevalent in Wrath so it’s been a while. Catchup was done with valor and dungeons rather than WQ, and really catchup doesn’t really have an impact on what’s being discussed.

Yes there are other forms of passive nerfs like you mentioned and BFA has had them as well.

Uldir had Reorigination array stacks

EP has 3rd essence and AP levels that are way above what the raid was cleared at.

8.3 will have corruption resistance.

The TBC flat nerf wasn’t until the prepatch so not sure that counts.

I’m not sure what you’re trying to say here, who cares if it isn’t standard?

The nerf is appreciated but still not enough, imho. We’re still working on her (phase 3) but our biggest hurdle is attrition due to people burning out. Please save our guild from this. :frowning:


A lot of people still did previous raids in Wrath, I cleared Naxx and Uldir a bunch of times for meh gear on alts even during ICC, I even did older raids in MoP/Cata because the catch ups weren’t this big as now.

TBC was still a nerf as it lasted for some time. They have done “slight nerfs” to raids to compensate for a new expansion or squishes but nothing to that degree.

Array stacks and extra essence slot is nice, but that on the average player is no where close to the level that World first raiders are at. I mean not every guild has 2 Disc or 2 Holy paladins who are decked out and can carry them to underheal fights. I am totally fine with Mythic being stupid difficult in the beginning for those world first raiders, but overtime as heroic guilds finish and move onto Mythic the barrier is way too high.

Cata and Wrath increased in subs with their final tier. Im not saying the 5% is the reason but there wasn’t much in the final patch of Cata lol. I’m just saying the 5% nerf is far better than JUST targeted nerfs especially considering this tier is dead in a month and many guilds are stuck on fights that aren’t listed here. People are quitting because they can’t get past Abyssal Commander weird HPS check or the Ashvane brick wall wall. And desipite what people think players will just stop playing instead of “getting better” its been proven a 100x times.


I’ve edited the OP. It will be a 5% reduction.