Esports Welcomes the Lich King’s Return!

I hate this because all of us get our content ruined just for these dumb events nobody cares about…

This is why m+ sucks
This why we can’t have soar be fun
This why group loot only
This why bis gear only comes from raids


And retail is better? Lol.

WoW eSports in general are goofy.


“I am incapable of having an original thought” the comment.

Lol look at all the retail tourists in this thread.

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So this is for real?

It wouldn’t be half bad if we weren’t just going to see the retail teams play Classic but we will, most of the retail peeps are streamers, and they frequently bash classic but that’s none of my business.

Afaik SPACE FORCE left faerlina for eranikus the other day…

Someone might wanna tell the editor…

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I’d rather see server queue fixes than this. That would be far better news.


WoW Esports are a meme

WoW was removed a a official esport for having bad pvp, so they had to make their own version.


I would rather be stuck perpetually doing Brewfest dailies than to get crunk on WoW esports.

Content for 10 mediocre twitch streamers to have a heyday among neckbeards because their day to day content brings in 10 viewers…

Meanwhile the regular players dont give a damn.


Wow retail arena is impressive as all hell… But w.e

Too each their own I guess.

Wow retail arena isnt accessible to viewers in the slightest. Its a proc on proc on proc on multiplier on messy UI disaster to watch.


This is hilarious. Blizz are just sitting back laughing at their player base at this point and no doubt have the popcorn ready to read this thread.

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I don’t totally disagree with that.

Kinda like watching OW as a spectator. It’s a really really tough spectator eSport.

The only game I can watch competitively is dota.

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Very interesting to watch cc into cc into cc hitting for 1k damage per attack until finally you land a cc chain and deal 5k damage while people have 100k hp.

Will eSports by Trans-Blizzard feature casters with grating voices (mis)pronouncing the worst gamer-nerd monikers possible?


I remember watching a SC2 Wings tournament game that my brother had on and asking “what is this game?! I wanna do this!” My palms got sweaty just watching without even knowing the game.

That was an esport worth watching. I remember watching Flash play after he crossed over from Brood War. Or Idra rage quit.

Even my ex wife who didnt play video games was into watching WCS and Dreamhack and all those other tournaments that popped up.

WoW is just… boring and complicated. And good luck throwing it up on the big screen. Ill have to give my wife a semester of WoW classes for her to understand whats going on and when to get excited.

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Can we not? Can we stop pushing everything into a Esport?


If you guys brought back the cool version of Alterac Valley, that might be an entertaining ‘eSport’ for about 30 minutes.

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cant even play the game, your servers suck