Esfand Procs redoubt while sit/standing [BUG?]

There was a blue post recently stating that /sit and getting crit should not happen and is intended. What is there stance on this, should be a bug right?!

Theres a video of them doing this on classic wow subreddit, but I can’t link it here

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Probably from a private server.

Nah I watched it too, was this morning on Esfand’s stream. Seems like it can be proced if you start standing up when hit, probably has something to do with batching.

He was basically spamming sit, and managed to time it right to keep procing the redoubt.


Working as intended then. Just like on the vanilla servers.


It’s an exploit that was possible during retail vanilla. Might get fixed since it is an exploit and not just “clever use of mechanics”. Of course it could be left in since it technically was possible to do in vanilla.

i sure hope it gets fixed, although, since they did that stupid increased skill in protection by 15 thing, it’ll probably stay in

warriors, get ready to level as fury instead of arms and always have enrage up when you farm
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also theres a new forum for this stuff

From what I heard it’s PvP that is still proccing it. Enemy NPC’s won’t trigger on-crit abilities but players will. Obviously a bug that needs to be reported and fixed because it’s still heavily abuseable.

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I’ve seen him proc it on a spider in duskwood with regular attacks, mutliple times in a row I can link it if you want


Yeah, it was reproducible easily against both players and mobs.


Community: Give us spell batching!


this was a bug in vanilla as well iirc.

idk much about how it worked in vanila, but isn’t that what they used for this guy?

Esfand is a god among men.

But does it apply to reckoning? Redoubt is small potatoes compared to reck.

Somebody did it with Enrage, at least. Would be strange if Reckoning did not benefit from the same mechanism.

no he’s not lol

He did it… but it can only occur when the two actions get batched together on a server tick… it’s impossible, or rather impractical, to do it reliably in a pvp or pve situation.

You are confusing two different things.

In Vanilla, being crit while sitting would not proc abilities. Most private servers do not correctly implement this condition and sit crits will proc abilities. This is what the blue post is talking about when it says that /sit is working as intended. If you are simply sitting on the ground then crits should not proc your abilities in the beta.

HOWEVER, because of spell batching it is possible to trick the game into generating a crit because you are sitting when the attack is generated but standing before the attack actually hits you, causing your ability to proc. This existed in Vanilla. I don’t expect Blizzard to remove this from the game. We asked for batching to be implemented in Classic and this is a part of batching. It’s possible that they consider this to be an exploit of batching but I’m not sure how you fix it without completely rewriting how attacks and ability procs are calculated in the game. I don’t recall it ever being fixed in Vanilla.

He was able to do it consistently and reliably.

No… I was watching it live…

He had to stand in one spot and do his /sit macro spam and have the rhythm perfectly match the mob swing. There were times where he could not get the rhythm right, it’s not something you can be reactive to.