Esfand Procs redoubt while sit/standing [BUG?]

In which he succeeded.

oh my sweet summer child…if only you knew about him and his theory crafting regarding this mechanic or lack thereof…

No idea what you are talking about. The video shows him clearly reproducing it with ease.

patience my son - all will be revealed later today on reddit

I wonder if sit/stand can be activated through an addon. If so, it should be fairly easy to automate with correct timing based on reading the combat log events.

plz do me at least this one favour - stop using /sit to describe this mechanic

use this instead - mashing your X button to both sit and stand

it is confusing people because of the blue post saying /sit won’t trigger procs

I wrote sit/stand specifically to avoid typing /sit.

i know but you know how people are - they see it and think /sit macro

ie: this