Era dead thanks to gdkp

So how am i supposed to join a pug as a fresh 60? Just wondering. Tried to find MC earlier and i needed a min gold of 3k.

Thats pretty sad i wont lie


Im not a fan of GDKP. However, 3k gold in era is not really all that much. Because RMT has hyper-inflated the economy. Which is yes sad, but 3k gold is like 20 stacks of herbs. Or if you are horde selling a rend drop.

As a fresh 60 you would have had a hard time finding a pug MC outside of GDKP. If you don’t have at least decent 60 gear. But if you have done enough 5 mans/AV to have decent gear you would probably have 3k gold. Unless you are very unlucky and bad at selling stuff. Mana pots/cloth alone.


If you don’t want to join a guild, then it’s supposed to be difficult. You are playing by other peoples rules, or you try to create your own raids. That’s your options.


Hopefully Blizz bans GDKPs in Era next.


What do you mean just herb and chill until someone starts asking for dps for zg or mc. I mean even ubrs has some good stuff. Or you could spam av until you are indistinguishable from a bot, though they might nerf ranking when sod does allow for r14 to allow catch up.

Maybe try mondays pre-reset when people are more flexable about who gets an invite.


They want to get carried the second they hit 60 - spending a few days to a couple weeks getting raid ready is incomprehensible to anti-gdkp crowd.

Uhhhh, if you are level 60 with trained ability relivent to spec, you are ready for mc or zg.


Sure as well as AQ20 - but if you go as a buyer with zero gold and don’t consume / pump your hardest - it is very possible that people will not be happy.

If people just spend a week farming prebis (get plenty of gold from like strat live, etc.) they are much more likely to have a positive experience in their first GDKPs as they won’t go in with zero gold, no consumes, and no idea how to properly spec / rotation.

No its not goofy. Even guilds are doing gdkp. Theres plenty of regular pugs in ALL versions of WoW except this bot filled swiper fest where gold is more important than playing the game.

What are these clowns with 500 thousand gold still farming gdkps for???


Because it is the best loot system…

Maybe the 5000+ raiders on whitemane cluster are wrong, or, perhaps, GDKPs have a lot of benefits that other loot systems don’t have…

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Ya guys, use your 2-3 hours a day playtime to do nothing but compete against bots farming stuff from underground.


Do you think without GDKPs you would be able to raid without having to farm?

Exactly, like I said I do not like GDKP. I think there is a strong tie to RMT. And having paved the way to where we are now. But where we are now is that 3k gold is not the 3k gold of even a year ago. Someone gave me 100g for a summon last week, and they had the clickers and came to me.

start herbin’ and skinnin’

Ya, they bought gold to do gdkps lol.

It would def reduce the amount of bots.
Delusional to say otherwise.

Banning GDKPs would kill era instantly, anyone against it is a lazy boomer that wants to be carried and spends more time on Reddit and here blogging than actually playing the game.


you dont know who’s against it.


Nice potato brain take.

It’s also amusing that you think GDKP’s aren’t a haven for lazy swipers.


He’s right about it killing era. Nice way to avoid his point.

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I find it amusing that people think GDKP’s are the only way to raid and get loot. Not sure how we did it before GDKPs… I as a fresh 60 Resto Shaman on Whitemane so far have been enjoying my experience. I’m running UBRS and Strat/Scholo runs until I have the gear needed to start doing MC/ZG/AQ20 guild run or pugs. It’s not a sprint my guys…