Entropic Embrace Toggle

That’s the thing, I would play the heck out of a helf paladin, I’d want it to have better melee animations though I really hate the current belf/velf female melee animations

And a different model/skeleton

But at the end of the day velves are not helves they are velves

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Let’s just say they will actually make a High Elf race for the Alliance.
Should the High Elf-options then get removed from the Void Elves?

On a personal level I would remove them, despite Alleria being the poster woman for being a High Elf/Void Elf.

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Can’t really take that away now it’s too late, you’ll alienate people

I’m not a fan of removing things from the game because there will always be people out there who enjoy them.

I’m sure there are void elf fans who really love being a void elf, but like to look like alleria and to them that’s the perfect fantasy.
On my more selfish end, I love having orange hair.

If high elves ever did become their own thing, the Void elf options should stay imo


Very funny retcon if it’s in recent content, here is apart of the uther’s memories questline that shows the 1st paladin being embued with light magic;

That is not showing Uther being infused with Holy Magic. Try again.

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Well, it IS being bumped up by both sides. So yes.

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No, absolutely not. Helves need to stay with humans they decided to live with. Helfers need to stop requesting Silvermoon. If you all wanted to really be Helves that stayed behind after Anasterian left or left after we started sucking from mana wyrms, then you wouldn’t feel the need to request Silvermoon.

Helves are only allowed temporary pilgrimmage. That should be restricted to only NPCs.

This is exactly why Belves get so aggressive in these types of threads. Because it’s not really about playing Helves that stayed or returned to the Alliance. It’s about taking more from Belves because of a bitterness over us joining the Horde.

It’s disgusting.


Hey, it is only a small minority doing it. Don’t include all of us in this.


I know that but the posts keep coming too. So it’s either alts or different people doing it.

If they want Helves I’m fine with that, but the Silvermoon requests need to stop.


I think it is just the same couple of people posting on different alts :woman_shrugging:

Agree’d. The only request for Silvermoon or Quel’thalas I want to see is one requesting an update without Alliance invading it or anything to do with Alliance.


I wouldn’t mind a glyph or toggle for the effect doesn’t seem like a lot to add. I know it’s not a priority though.

I was actually suggesting via a Barbera shop or customization option actually, and allowing us to chose on how corrupted we become with the Entropic Embrace racial effect, but only with limited options. But at the moment, it isn’t even my list of priorities though. Because it isn’t the fact that customizations are drawing me away from WoW, it is just more of the content.


I still remember when having no natural hair colors & tentacles was part of the “package deal” and that we would never get them.


I’ve never requested silvermoon. I could care less for Silvermoon. We should just get our own district in Stormwind. Something more Thalassian focused rather than human, with a tiny bit of human influence. I’d be fine with that. There’s really no need for a full blown city. It’s not like anyone goes to any city but current expansion city, and Stormwind or Org. Silvermoon is practically dead and out in the middle of nowhere. So honestly having a district in Stormwind would immediately make it better than Silvermoon.


Just bring back The Park district. Night Elves, Worgens and High Elf/Void Elves can share that district there.

I honestly doubt that High Elves/Void Elves will get their own district when Night Elves/Worgens don’t.


Well. Night Elves will probably be getting a new lore capital soon. And Worgens will probably get Gilneas back. So them having two lore capitals all to themselves means they don’t really need a district. High Elves are really the only ones to have a district that makes sense because they have merged their culture with the humans much like the Dwarves have. The Dwarves have their own district in Stormwind and a giant monorail that connects their city to Stormwind.


Again, it wasn’t a request and I don’t actually care about it. It was just a passing idea in reference to lore.

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Not gonna lie, the moment Blizzard cave in, I can almost bet the Silvermoon requests will come. The Helfers are like the Void, ever consuming, ever wanting. They won’t rest until the game is called World of Legolas or something.


I don’t care for Silvermoon either even as a High Elf fan. I think most people requesting that are being unreasonable if not just trolling tbh.

For a long time now i’ve been an advocate for a Thalassian District in Stormwind. Normally i don’t like the idea of squeezing too many races into Stormwind in Orgrimmar as i think the culture clash devalues their own identities, but i think High Elves would be an exception to the rule. Their aesthetics can fit Stormwind fine. That area behind the Mage Quarter is perfect for them. Throw in a few High Elf buildings (or even Human buildings with the Silver Covenant/Ren’dorei banners). Maybe even have a High Elf lodge up on the hill where that WoD Dungeon portal is.