Entropic Embrace Toggle

Can we hurry up and get this. Honestly, at least for the moment, I’d be satisfied with just this for a while. Of course, I’d still want natural hair styles down the line during Dragon Flight. I just want to stop turning this stupid purple color now. It ruins every mog it touches. It just does not look good. Just give us the toggle already. I’m sick of looking at it.


Void elf. You. Are. A. Void. Elf. Any and all new options for Void Elves should be Void related. Not less. Stop being so greedy.


It’s a proc that lasts a few seconds. It doesn’t mess up your mog. At all. It’s a proc that only happens in combat.

It’s an excellent cue for the Velf in question that proc is occuring so bust a cooldown.

I mean…no. You’re a Void Elf. Take it or leave it.


Roll horde. No excuses. Please stay angry as ever that they will probably never do this.


Yeah, heard that before with the whole “void elves will never get fair skin”. Honestly, if the faction walls falls down more in Dragonflight they might just give full blown high elves, sooner or later.



Those already exist. They’re blood elves. I also doubt they will get rid of every restriction or by the time they do the game will 100% be dead anyways. They like to forget things and drag things out on purpose to score brownie points with the many vocal minorities that will never matter. This though, they probably won’t cave unless they want to undo the void elves from existence which would be unfair to the people who actually do like them and prefer them as they are.

If you want to be a high elf it’s on the horde, sorry not sorry.


Well they are also removing race restrictions on every class here soon as well. So void Elves will be paladins. They seem to just want players to play what they like with the faction divide being removed and the class restrictions being lifted. No doubt EE will be removed soon as well. It wouldn’t even make sense to have it with Paladins. So clearly they are giving paladins for the high elf players.

Bruh no one gives a damn about void elves. Extremely popular, only becoming very popular after they gave us high elf appearances. Void elves only had a modicum of a playerbase back in the day anyway because they were the closest we had to high elves at the time.
Besides, removing EE helps both void and high elf players. Not every void elf player likes that stupid glow.

How about no. It was take it or leave it at purple elves. it was take it or leave it at natural skin tones but stupid hair colors. Now it’s take it or leave it with EE. No. I say we get a toggle like we got the natural skin, and got the hair colors. It’s not greedy to not want to look dumb and ugly all the time I’m in combat.


And they are not the elves have been asking for. The elves people are asking for are the high elves which has always been part of the Alliance like Vereesa.

Or they realize the old style of Warcraft that was alot more restrictive is a bygone era. That having a black character/gay or female charact that actually have important has no negative implication and actually can be good/fun. Hell, I enjoyed Shaw/Glynn immensely.

Or novel idea, they KEEP the void elves while letting people who want to play high elves the full blown experience and not the half hearted attempt they did of just giving skins.


They are not going to remove the racial ability or give us the ability to toggle it just because some players want to role play as high elves and not void elves.


Kind of funny really. There is already a huge list of things they would never do but have already done.


How do you know? Alleria is just sitting in the void elf zone doing nothing. Just have players go to her and ask to toggle the appearance off. It’s not that hard. Doesn’t take much man power and makes a TON of players happy. You don’t understand how big the demand for high elves are. They near double the requests for every other race in this game.


I had it bug out on me and was all void~y till I logged out…

It was… Awesome! :boom:

(Though I do use void looks n stuff anyway so… Didn’t bother me<3)


I always get a kick out of people saying “they will never do X”. We got classic servers, demon hunters, cash tokens, hell the very inclusion of the void elves is them doing something “they would never do” and more so when we got light skins for them.


I expect a lot more changes and loosening of old restrictions.

The end of the day players want to play the game how they want to. Blizzard wants players to play the game right?


I think it’s fine to toggle it on permanently, or toggle it off, or keep it as is. Makes the most amount of players happy.


Paladins were one of the classes mentioned to not be opened to other races.

Not sure where you get that “number”
I’m quite happy with the void theme for Void elves.

It happened to me too, i believe because I hearted while under the effect of EE.
It was soo dope.


They won’t ever remove race restrictions for every class. Again this was said to appease people gullible enough to believe they’d ever follow through with ruining the game even more than they already have. You are not getting void elf paladins ever. If anything it will be over 10 years from now by the time you see that happen if the servers are even running.


There is an even bigger list of things they said they’d do and didn’t ever do as well.


Wuh? I mean High Elves have been largely requested since TBC. The forums have been ablaze with their requests non stop since that time. You can even see it now you can’t go a day without something high elf related on here. So yeah. Maybe you like the void stuff. But don’t think it’s popular just cause YOU like it. I already agreed we can have it toggled on all the time or have it toggled off. So void elf players also get something out of it. And again there are void elf players who don’t like the proc either so it also works for them.

You’re really in denial. Same denial people had about the cross faction. Dude it’s gonna happen. Why would they open up most but not all? Makes no sense. And paladins are one of the easier classes to add. They only need a mount. Druid is the one that will cause them trouble.

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