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Like the heritage the Blood Elves couldn’t go back to because their sunwell blew up until the end of an expansion?

Are you implying a location is the only thing that matters?

She looks exactly like a high elf. The fact is their is no particular objection from anyone in story that would make her not consider herself a void elf and high elf at the same time.

Remember, the object of high elves were the consumption of magic to stave off addiction, something she did not do thus makes her just as high elf as anyone who claims to be right now.

You can try and word this however you want it does not change the absolutes and that is void elves are void elves, blood elves are blood elves, if you want to be non voidy play the horde version.

There are no playable alliance high elves (to which bloodelves technically are not but they are close enough that it’s semantics)

There are playable void elves

Void elf=/= high elf and the rest of the community is tired of the OPs spam and the helfers demanding everything at every damn turn


Yeah there are. Void Elves are still High Elves.


Idk man you anti-helfers are probably the ones in the minority, we’re sick of you being against player choice and customization.

Why would I do that when Void Elves have High Elf customization?

Why is the Horde so upset about Helves, is it maybe because the majority of your playerbase is only Horde cuz of elves and would leave enmass if High Elves were on the Alliance?


We can for the most part be “non-voidy” already with the exception of Entropic Embrace(hence why the topic exists). Also all void elves are either blood elves/high elves and they can keep claiming so if they want.

It would be akin to someone from Stormwind moving to Kul Tiras and joining them. Sure they are now Kul Tiran but they are also Stormwindian.



This! I feel like the people who get it, get it, and the people who don’t purposely try to push their narrative regardless.


The horde isn’t upset about void elves, the concept of void infusion is cool and needs to be expanded on, it’s the theme and icon of the race.

What people are upset about and why there are so many anti helfers is because literally anytime blizzard does something you lot scream ‘but what about me’ and have jumped the queue multiple times and it still isn’t good enough.


Objectively false.

A Void Elf is a High Elf sorry.

Otherwise a Blood Elf ISN’T A high elf


They really really are.


No we really aren’t.

So you’re a Horde player hiding behind an Alliance alt? Thanks for outing yourself.


I play both factions, and when 9.2.5 drops I will be back to horde only as I will still be able to play with my alliance friends without being forced to play alliance.

Between you and me, thicc orc thighs save lives

Pretty much this. The reason I try not to engage with High Elf threads is that’s exactly what they want. The high annoyance they are encourages engagement from people that don’t want the race and keeps the thread bumped. The only winning move is to let the thread die. I wish more people learned this. With that I’m bowing out since I don’t want to bump the thread anymore than it already is.


Why do you hate features?

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Exactly, and the sooner Blizzard catches on to this the more money they’ll make!

You have maybe a hand full of people that care about the lore vs. the rest of us that don’t care at all we just wanna play whatever race class we want and have fun!


Horde Orcs =/= Orcs.

You’re Fel Orcs after drinking the blood and being corrupted. I don’t make the rules.

Nearly every major orc drank fel blood! Grom did it, TWICE and he is as much an “Orcish Horde” as anyone else.

Doesn’t matter. They’re not Orcs.

Blood Elves aren’t High Elves either.

Yes. Every race gets every class unlocked through new quests or effect updates.

They really don’t need to. After they got both the Paladins and the EE-update, they will rally for light-based skill effects as well.

Future looks good for them. And there is a high chance they will get all of those things.


Entropic embrace should be a choice of whether or not we want it proccing in combat.

It was cool for the first few months and now that we have high elf customization we should have the ability to talk to alleria or Umbrix to have full control over the visual and to turn it off. So what if we lost the shadow damage we get from it.

I love my void elf. I just wish we could turn off the visual.


Atleast not anymore.

The highborne that was exiled from night elf society was lead by dathremar sunstrider who sailed the eastern kingdoms and founded quel thalas. After years and years of being exposed to the sun and the sunwell they changed into high elves. A group of high elves allied with dalaran and the alliance ie veressa windrunner.

When Arthas ransacked quel thalas and destroyed the sunwell kaelthas and his group of high elves had to substitute sunwell energy for fel energy thus blood elves we born.

Ren dorei - children of the void (void elf)
Quel dorei - children of noble birth (high elf)
Kal dorei - children of the night (night elf)
Sin dorei - children of the blood (blood elf)