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Or the fact that people just jump on the forums, and troll with toxic attitude towards a group or community. And yet, the people upset are the Anti’s, because the High Elf community recieved something finally requested for, in forms of hair colours, and Blizzard didn’t listen to the Anti High Elf community. Why? Because they spent there entire time trolling.

And actually, I should reference this better, because not all Anti’s actually do troll, but there is a few of them that do, and they are very common to find in any thread about elves.


The biggest issue I have with the helfer crowd? Is that they never wait their turn they would get so much less resistance if they didn’t demand everything with every patch and we’re actually grateful for what they do get and this thread and the OP are a big example why the helfers get so much flak

Even on updates that weren’t originally meant for them they kicked up such a big stink over it that they got something included just for them and only them.

An example of this is when the nightborne got a few things and blizzard stated that it was to expand the nightborne the velves weren’t slated to get anything and then the helfer crew kicked up a storm and not only did the velves realistically get nothing, the helfers got something small and it still wasn’t good enough, we could delete the entire velf race, rebuild it as high elves, delete bloodelves and give silvermoon to them and it still would never be good enough for them they would want more


Hmmm, and I don’t think the people now are part of the High Elf community. A vast majority of us quit with the forums after 9.1.5 when we got natural hair colours. And it wasn’t the High Elf crowd that got the skin tones, no, we can thank the Blood Elf fans for that when they raged on the forums about Ion saying that blue eyes were not for Blood Elves…

Can you link a source to Blizzard stating the Void Elves were not going to get anything?


They were not announced to get anything blizzard did a big song and dance to show off a few things for HMT and nightborne and LFD then the helfers kicked up a 10,000 thread crap storm and that’s when they got a set of hair colors just to shut them up

Once again,

Can you link a source to Blizzard stating the Void Elves were not going to get anything?

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C’mon, are you going to show any sources to back up your claims?

Here is the original thread, created April 21, 2021. Patch 9.1.5 didn’t drop till November 2nd, 2021, and a vast majority of replies in the thread are from the Anti’s. And you can see that clearly with the amount of replies by users at the bottom of the opening post.


This is why you don’t feed them~

Cut them off from the attention they crave, be strong.


Once again can you read the post, even in the quoted part you can see I said they weren’t S-L-A-T-E-D no where have I said blizzard said x/y wasn’t getting anything, I have said they stated the patch was about the neglected Nightborne and other races that were in desperate need of things.

You are attempting to use the same tactics that the OP does in his unending hatred for anyone that isn’t pro helfer and unfortunately that includes not reading correctly but thankfully I have my Tarona certified helfer-drama-protective safety vest on so it won’t work against me but nice try.

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No, you’re here to create drama with baseless claims over something which is inaccurate. Blizzard originally never had any plans for more customizations for anyone for the rest of Shadowlands, but later changed there decisions, starting with the Nightborne, HM Tauren, and LF Draenei, and soon to add later, Void Elves with hair colours.

Then also to claim that the High Elf community kicked off with a 10k thread, despite that thread, 2/3rds of the post are from the Anti’s just trolling. So don’t act like I’m the one causing drama when you’re here posting misinformation on several things.


You’ve already tried to cause drama by false quoting me but try again, as I said this anti helfer protective vest built and maintained by our lord and savior superior orc thighs Tarona keeps me warm and unharmed by your pro helfer shenanigans

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Hmmm, and yet, here you are…

Acting like I’m the one trying to cause the drama, and yet, you are doing exactly that.

Want to come back at me with something less contradicting next time?

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Haven’t contradicted myself at all, all statements are backed by me and follow the same line, you however like to quote me, tear the quote apart and then fail to read what you quoted correctly and decide to go on a crusade while acting high and mighty.

But you do you fam, at the end of the day the following statements are true.

Void elves are void elves and should receive more void customization when it’s their turn to get more customization (which should come around more often but we all know how slack blizz are despite customization being the biggest Attraction right now and they should be doing anything and Everything for positive attention but I digress)

Void elves are not the high elves of the silver covenant

Void elves are not bloodelves

Bloodelves are the closest thing around to the OG high elves aside from some minor taint and alignment issues

If you want to play a high elf please go to the character select screen select bloodelf and go from there.

This is something the helfer crew really need to get over and stop trying to bulldoze what they want in.

As I said they would get less resistance if they waited their turn.

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It’s a game and can easily revisited. Nothing is set in stone, especially when Alleria can change it at will. So, no, this is no argument.

From an outsider perspective, the “Antis” are just a minority discord group who ultimately helped the “helfer’s” cause in popularizing the topic on the US-forums and contributing to the High Elf customization.

Yes and no. It is true they got prioritized but you’re missing one vital point here: These updates aren’t high quality effort content for the team. Please pay more attention to such things because it renders your whole point useless when criticizing a literal 5 minute developer job to copy a few value over to the Void Elf customization database.

This is a kneejerk reaction coming from you, not knowing how to handle the situation. Blood Elves shouldn’t be deleted but at the same time the Alliance High Elves needs to be acknowledged. Discussion points, like Silvermoon City, are irrelevant in the bigger picture because this is only going to happen when they open up all cities.

You feed the High Elf players here. And unlike the supposed “Blood Elf”-topic, you give the High Elf-fans priority over the Blood Elves by supporting this topic. If you do not have anything to say, then it’s better not to post here and help their cause.

The drama here is just about a few people who live “Elves” and they are a perfect match to keep this topic going.


The biggest issue I have with them is the attitude that many of them have.
So many of them act entitled and arrogant.
There are so many of them that seem to really enjoy others being unhappy and are often very mocking of it.

But there are certainly some nice high elf fans out there and when I talk to them it’s a lot easier to be sympathetic to their cause.
Not in wanting void elves to be changed, but high elves being their own separate playable race.
If more fans were like that, I feel the environment surrounding this topic would be very different.


That’s the thing, I would play the heck out of a helf paladin, I’d want it to have better melee animations though I really hate the current belf/velf female melee animations

And a different model/skeleton

But at the end of the day velves are not helves they are velves

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Let’s just say they will actually make a High Elf race for the Alliance.
Should the High Elf-options then get removed from the Void Elves?

On a personal level I would remove them, despite Alleria being the poster woman for being a High Elf/Void Elf.

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Can’t really take that away now it’s too late, you’ll alienate people

I’m not a fan of removing things from the game because there will always be people out there who enjoy them.

I’m sure there are void elf fans who really love being a void elf, but like to look like alleria and to them that’s the perfect fantasy.
On my more selfish end, I love having orange hair.

If high elves ever did become their own thing, the Void elf options should stay imo


Very funny retcon if it’s in recent content, here is apart of the uther’s memories questline that shows the 1st paladin being embued with light magic;

That is not showing Uther being infused with Holy Magic. Try again.

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