Enough with the 2H Tanking!

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Can people please stop saying “Sword and Board” like they were doing it back in Nam?
You sound about as ridiculous as your 80 year old grandmother saying “Cowabunga”…


You’re posting on a game that came out 15 years ago. Please go back to Fortnite, or whatever you kids play.


I said they’d be lucky to get 10%.

And the reason it’s less at lower levels is because there are fewer options for good shields, and have fewer talents that benefit from having a shield.

There’s no way a shield alone is giving you 20% damage reduction unless you’re wearing leather and cloth.

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What a hero :joy:

I’m 27 you grommet


These DPS 2H “tanks” in the 30-40 level can’t or won’t hold aggro and cause the healers to go oom and then pull while the healers are drinking. These warriors need to reroll rogue.


A 2h tank will cause significantly more threat especially at lower levels than a 1h and shield tank. This means that all the other DPS can go more all out in the fights too.

Even if the tank is ‘only’ doing 4x the damage they would with a one hand, having the 2h increases the DPS of every DPS player in the group and means the healer doesn’t have to spend as much time healing people other than the tank.


If they can’t hold aggro with a 2h, what makes you think they’ll hold aggro with a 1h?


They are jumping around like hunters in my last group.


Okay? That didn’t answer my question.


Whirlwind Axe being such a hallmark is pretty much directly a result of it allowing you to steamroll SM (coinciding with sweeping strikes, too). 30-40 is exactly the range where this playstyle is dominant.


I’m not forcing anything. If you’d like to understand how Classic tanking works feel free to do some research for yourself. There is plenty of information out there.

You are certainly entitled to your own opinions, however inaccurate they may be.


Ravager is actually quite popular for instance runs.


Y’know, I tanked back in vanilla. Most 2H tankers were over leveled and overgeared for the instance. If you were doing something that mattered you were sword and board, although fury did make for a good off tank.

We also used sheep sap or charm every chance we got. I dunno, maybe I’m just slow and old, but I think if people get out of the retail form of tanking we’ll all be a lot better off. Just say’n…

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I don’t need to as I played it plenty when it was current. Just because you can do something like that, doesn’t mean it’s always the correct way or time to do it.

the 30-40 range is where this style is best used, but you’ve got people trying it at the lowest of levels before the armor really picks up and it’s causing annoying outcomes for inexperienced healers or simply under geared ones. Then towards the upper end where mobs completely melt some idiot trying to 2 hand tank 60 mobs in a pack.

Just because a warrior runs in with a two hander, doesn’t always mean they will end the fight faster. It all comes down to group size and the things they do. A snap kicked 2hand warrior surrounded by 6-7 mobs is in an awful spot vs the one with an additional 8-10% reduction being soaked into each swing from those 6-7 mobs.

I get it, you’ve probably been playing on illegal servers for years and somehow think the styles they swore by work the same way as they do on an actual authentic server. Most of those illegal servers had the wrong values in just about everything. So just because people did research on non authentic servers, doesn’t mean it will work out the same here.

Right back at you champ.


I switch stances and weapons according to the situation Im in. If the healer is bothered by it he can go f himself. I’ll find another group in 30sec. You scrubs will be begging for a tank for 30min.


This all stems from the obsession with damage meters.

Druid tanks are my favorite because this is never a issue.

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This should be the ultimate goal here.

If you’ve got a group of casters stacked up, by all means toss in a 2 hander and go nuts. If you’ve got high melee dmg mobs with the ability to stun, toss in a 1h and shield to mitigate the damage you’ll take while shutdown.

A tank that simply uses a 2hander because some private server guide told them to and isn’t willing to adapt to situations isn’t much of a tank.


It’s interesting that you’re making all of these assumptions. Just to clarify this point, I didn’t play on private servers. I’ve played WoW on and off since Beta, with my first max-level character being in late BC (I didn’t find WoW compelling the first few times I played it).

OK, having said that, I’m quite curious just what it is you think my point is.

If you have criticisms of anything in my Tanking Guide, I’d love for you to express them.


Oh cool. We’re just making stuff up now. Neat.


Sounds like having a shield is one of those things