Enough with Slime Cat

Hope you are ready to see topics about slime cat for months. Its not gonna stop unless they do the right thing.


Is this topic about slime cat

No, it’s about the actual mount name I cannot say because Blizzard’s own MOUNT NAME is inappropriate.

What is that mount’s name, I wonder

Uhm… his name is Sir ***lesworth

No. There should be more.

When LFR gets the mount, the complaining will stop.

False. LFR is an activity that I am unwilling to do because it is raiding and I do not raid. Therefore, I would not get the slime cat even if it was given to LFR, proving definitively that it would be, in no way, a “freebie.”

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Not another slime cat post. Can this be deleted?

Feel free not to open those threads. Feel free not to start new spam threads. You have many options, but you chose to add to the number of threads that you claim you think is already too large.


Believe it or not killing 30 bosses across three raids does take effort.

And it’s not going to be a clean run, so it’s technically harder than Normal since you can actually coordinate people for time whereas when you queue for LFR you go in blind and not guaranteed to get a clean boss run.

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Yeah but isn’t like you clear all of normal for SOFO SOD AND CN?

Honestly more out raged it is just a slime saber: should be a giant gooey version of the slim cat pet in all its glory!

Well either way one fated heroic cleared 2 to go, I doubt I will even use the slime saber really.

Well, yeah, it’s a kitty (I know some people don’t like cats) but it’s a kitty.

The achievement was live in the game, anyone and everyone could look it up and see on the achievement page and see that it said “any” difficulties, not just Normal and up.

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I’d be raising fel over their lying to us over a slobber pupper as well.

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I’m sick of hearing about X thing, so I am going to make a post about that thing and rile more people up.

Also bring it back to LFR.

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I just hide any thread I don’t want to see, a very curated experience here.

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I don’t even click into most of them. I read a little when they first started but since I find the slime cat ugly, I personally don’t get the hype. Hopefully the threads will die down a little over time… until then, I’ll just skip like 90% of them lol

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No they shouldn’t. They literally have nothing to say. And coming here to SAY they wont’ change it would only kick the ant hill.

I literally saw it and thought “oh I have a chance for it since it’s not hard for me to catch up and get in LFR.”

But now it’s not in LFR.

All of my toons are less than 220, except for this druid, who literally just broke 240 today.

I can barely get into an M0 much less get invited to a normal raid.

But I’m being told “just run normal, just run normal, get a pug” as if I won’t be overlooked for the legions of players in 260+ gear that have been playing the past few months when I haven’t.

So yeah I’m annoyed to find out that, after we’ve been lead to believe that cat would be available in LFR, that it’s no longer true.