Enough with Slime Cat

I have seen significantly less threads because I am guessing those of us saying it should be in LFR were quickly told its a friendship moose and then Blizzard put in a stealth change to the achievement wording rather than making another post about it.

Some are accepting it, some are trying normal, and some unsubbed because of how Blizzard handled it. Its a done deal and we all saw the answer Blizzard chose through their actions.

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Yeah, but people don’t go afk in normal. I mean I don’t disagree with it being added to lfr but I am just confused as to why people just don’t do normal. I get that it is sort of difficult to gear up but you can make your own group or run LFR rq this week for 265 gear or a 0.

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The only reason this is happening is because it’s a cat, casual lfr players are cat people so they want it, make it a slime dog and problem solved.

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You know that this means people are very upset about it, yeah? And when people are upset, it is a good thing that they are trying to let Blizz know about it.


Lol. Doesn’t this literally negate anything you just said? Also it’s just another topic about slime cat.

But we do need another topic about slime cat. Give it to LFRers.

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“3 weeks”

You have a really out of sync time perception. We got news on the 28th.


I get that and that’s fine, and yeah it is a good thing I appreciate people doing that. I’m not disagreeing with you on this.

Are you talking about mythic+? Ion stripped the gear path and fun gameplay from raids a long time ago.


So you’re tired of the threads but you make another thread about the topic you’re tired of?


Sure has felt like 3 weeks. My bad sorry,

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Eh don’t worry about. You got me double checking like I was van winkle. Past few years have been horrible for time progression.

As soon as everyone stops complaining about soar’s nerf

Never :dracthyr_blob_dance_animated:

Just mute the threads.

Every time I see a thread about body type 1 and 2, it gets muted.

they’ve kind of gone away.

Now it’s all about soar, mythic overtune and slime cat

You just made another to add to the pile good job

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 I didn’t realize that till later. sorry about that.

I think your fine I just thought it was funny and wanted to make people laugh

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To be honest, your post made me laugh. In a good way, not in a mean way.

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Good that was the hope!!!