Enough with Slime Cat

Is anyone getting really sick of seeing forum posts about slime cat? I get that LFR people want it and that’s fine, I am not arguing with that but what was said in PTR was subjected to change. If Slime cat was in LFR then it’d just be a freebie mount


Is this why you made another thread about it?


what do u mean

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You said you’re sick about seeing forum posts about the slime cat, but made a thread about it.


I made a thread on it because this has been going on for 3 weeks now and its getting annoying seeing the same threads.

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Best way to fix that is with another Slime cat post.

Edit: my autocorrect is somehow more drunk than I…


I was just asking if people were getting sick of seeing the same post thats all.

It’s not like any changes are going to be made with slime cat, I understand why people are upset but at this point there’s only so much you can do about the issue.

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Amd whats the problem with a “freebie mount”? It should be a participation reward, the achievement was added to live servers with any description


It shows that players care about some decisions, maybe in the fuerte wont happened again, however at this point Blizzard should at least reply to players even if they don’t want to change it.


I have not one single time demanded this ugly thing. Stop painting narratives just so you can be mad about something.

And just for the record, for the first years of the game, I done got good, then, I went backwards and got bad. But I still don’t want that ugly green cat. So much for your theory. And yes, I am very entitled AND casual. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s the thing, I do not have a problem with it being a “freebie mount” but right now having it in lfr no. Players should at least try to earn the mount, but I don’t think seeing the mount within the last month of Shadowlands is a bad idea. I think this would be a bit of a better idea to say the least. I just feel like if slime cat was added into LFR right now then majority of players will be doing LFR instead of the other difficulties. I’m just saying is I am sick of seeing these forums, just move on either do normal or don’t. Normal right now isn’t very hard.

He’s not even a real cat! He’s a saber!

And who cares? people should do raids because they care about the gear path and the fun gameplay , my guild didnt care and they’ll comeback during DF saving some money, gear will be replaced by blue gear from dungeon. Therefore, i don’t have core during S4, some players will pay a carry or do it once… Some of those players wont care about the deterministic gear mechanic or any other gear. Its the same that providing it via LFR

I’m on business trip for 2 weeks without access but i’m 100% sure there’s groups that say “no ragnaros”, i hate doing PuG

Let’s talk about Jedi Cats then.


You definitely should have started a new thread in that case.


Okay, you do have a point, I agree with this, but just because it isn’t in LFR doesn’t mean we should punish players that are doing it on normal like what some players are saying. Now I’ll say this again I don’t care if it is in LFR, I am just sick of seeing people whine about it. I just feel like people should at least try first, I don’t mind if it is a freebie even I just want people to stop complaining.


That’s a cute cat.

it only requires normal, it is a freebie mount. might as well have added it to lfr

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