Enough is Enough

Its time to fix the herod population issue… offer free transfers off of herod please. This is ridiculous… No one should have to wait in a 11k line everyday to play. Either offer transfers or open more realms to get people off of herod… This is so bad!

Uh oh, someone has a case of the “You think you do but you don’ts!”

Seriously, though. A) You should post in the proper forum. And B) they are opening new servers.

Wrong forum bud.

Enjoy other serveres where the population has moved out of the starter zones. Your gonna love classics solo levelling experience!

Remember a week or two before release when blizzard made it clear what servers were going to be over populated? And if you don’t change that you might be faced with insane queue times. Remember when they said that?


Its their job to fix the queues.

And you’re posting in the wrong place, so why don’t you go complain about classic issues in the classic forum.

HAHA. Mods moved it. Perfect.

Eoto mods didn’t move it. Don’t be dumb.

becomes one of the worlds most successful gaming companies, becomes billion dollar company, keeps sustaining this image and growing it over 15 years

never fix or advance or learn from past mistakes in releases, NEVER listen to the community, wipe tears with money

what company am i?