Enhance Your Gameplay: Accessibility Updates Now Live

So they added individual game settings to the game software. Not seeing a problem here.


My extended maintenance gameplay feels really enhanced today, thanks guys.

May we please have this feature implemented in TBC Classic? I have a deaf guildmember who we go to great pains to include, but there just aren’t good options for Speech-to-text that differentiate between who is talking. This feature would be a GODSEND to us and many others, and it would not change the gameplay experience of others in any way!


And there it is…

I’m not even posting that jokingly. I’ve dealt with more than enough Classic players to know that even a small, inconsequential suggestion such as this is enough to totally set them off.

Appreciate these being added! :+1:

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deaf in one ear… so I didn’t think it was working at all… then I realized I had them plugged in backwards. I can do idiotic things at times. I love it now… working great… actually has me back to playing my 68 druid on live to get him and my paladin ready for Expansion.)

English is a second language with Japanese… speak them at about the same level. I have truly found this community has become a more toxic to anyone that’s not perfect in English and having a slight hearing issue it can make it hard sometimes. Always call LFG LFNPC because that about how much you want to interreact with some of them. when I started in 04 I found a great community that was encouraging and BASICALLY taught me 95% of my English. so it made my life so great.and for several years it was like that… then interactions became more like running across a stranger you would never see again and what did it matter how they acted. just Cuss you out because they never seen you again… .makes playing a tank or healer a nightmare because these people just stand there in everything…

anyway I’m ranting. sorry… if DF doesn’t bring the community feel back a nd make the world feel unique again ill just Dragon Fly away. love this tool here btw…