Enhance Your Gameplay: Accessibility Updates Now Live

Enhance Your Gameplay: Accessibility Updates Now Live

In Chains of Domination, you’ll be able to enhance your gameplay in World of Warcraft with several new accessibility updates.

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I appreciate these being added. The transcription system is going to be extremely useful for hands-free communication without actually needing to be in an audio call with players.

Also, it would be very convenient to have more malleable graphics options for people like me that haven’t updated their PC yet, so that 90% of Shadowlands content isn’t constantly running at 5 FPS with all the graphics turned down. I’m sitting on a 720 NVIDIA graphics card, which is now obsolete for modern games because of how bad it is, but for WoW, all the other expansion zones run perfect. But Shadowlands just has too many environmental particles and I would really love an option to turn them off so I’m not inclined to avoid certain areas due to the framerate. Thanks!


Any chance some of these features could make their way into Classic?


What about a quest reading system so it will read the quest for us


This is really good. Props to the dev team for making this a reality. For all the hate you guys have been getting, people need to stop some times and recognize the good things you add to the game.

It would be great if such features are also available in Classic.


This would be great too.


As somebody who’s getting on a bit and eyesight isn’t what it used to be - good stuff! Thank you.


Oh I would love to enhance my gameplay alright
/wink :wink:

This was a great addition to the system Blizz. Really appreciate it especially considering how many options we have to configure it, shows you guys put real thought into how people will use this. I’ve been on for less than an hour and it’s already made the game better for me.


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Other people: Dammit, shut up!


You dare incur the wrath of the “nO ChAnGeS!” players?
In all seriousness, these would be excellent things to implement into all versions of WoW.


Thank you very much!



SPECULAR LIGHTING CONTROL had to be part of the UI, it is the kind of graphics people would like to change.


Thanks for implementing these changes, I think they are great additions to the options.

I would love an additional option to make the chat text size larger, since the largest option currently available is still small enough that I have to squint. It could even be added to the Accessibility Options instead of the chat menu, something like “magnify all text by X” or something

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We do not need classic ruined.

Please turn text to speech on in trade chat, it’s the best

How is it “ruining” by adding additional, completely optional, options?

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Got to admit the quest text background enhance is very nice :smiley: Yeah I actually read the quests on occasion.

its a joke #nochanges

Please return to your forums and have communicative discourse with us all!


You and your vision is going to sink WoW one day! You’re not perfect and inspire all the negativity here by what you push live, in the state it is in at the time!