Enhance Your Gameplay: Accessibility Updates Now Live

Its already being used for racist and moronic stupid stuff. Please disable it.

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I’m deaf, so I’m beyond thrilled about both the speech-to-text and text-to-speech features in the VoiceChat!!

Now I can finally join in Vent/VoiceChat some, oh, 13 years after its introduction. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ngl, the transcribe VC thing just seems awesome and now I wish discord had that feature.


The specular lighting changes are a great start, but a more robust brightness/contrast or way to dim or darken the screen more permanently besides Inky Black would be great.

I literally can’t do Ardenweald without a migraine each time unless I use an inky black potion because it’s such a strong blue light trigger.

This is what I thought was coming…I definitely need this feature exactly.


Why is the video like 240p…was it made 16 years ago and you forgot to release the video?

Can you still call it classic if you add stuff from retail?

I know the difficulties of playing WoW in it’s early glory days without these accessibility features. But too many people can’t differentiate between QoL and accessibility. (I know a person who argued the LFG tool was an accessibility feature because “they didn’t have time to run to an instance” when they logged on before work on classic.


Because then it wouldn’t be classic.

Perhaps it was added in last minute or something, or they just want to see how useful it is first. Either way, yeah, I’d like to see certain console commands like these added to the UI so they’re even more, well, accessible!

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Try typing in /console ffxGlow 0. This will dim certain lighting effects, such as Ardenweald and Bastion’s bright skies. It’ll also disable the drunken blur effect and the gray ghost screen effect when you’re a ghost.

If you want to enable it again, just type /console ffxGlow 1. Also, since it’s a console command, I believe it’ll reset every time your WTF folder is deleted. So be aware of that. But it should help you quite a bit in some situations.


Thank you!

This would also be a great addition to the Accessibility menu as some sort of option button (since I can’t remember console commands for the life of me)

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Cool, so you stopped working on customizations for this stuff?

Seems like a waste. Perhaps the resources would had been better used elsewhere…

Cool, so you’re a bigot? Seems like a waste.


Thankyou for the changes and extra help you have added. They will be helpful for so many people. Although you also have toned down the blue flashing effects and overall blue color to the xpac, it is still too much and I am still unable to play without migraines and eventually mild seizures. I know people with blue light sensitivities are not common so I appreciate the changes you have made for this patch. :heart:

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This feature is great, but there will be a lot of funny transcriptions. lol

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This is such a blessing. I have issues reading text and this is a boon.

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Me too, thanks!

/facepalm. Really? Might be a waste to you, but not me, my vision is limited.

Thanks Blizzard!!

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Graphics software and most monitors has contrast controls. There was no need to add such features in the game.

People shouldn’t have to jack up their settings for everything else they do on that computer, just so they can play the game more comfortably. There might also be other people using the same computer. There are valid reasons for doing it, and only selfish reasons not to, especially now that they have the technology to do it. It was probably done by the UI team, anyway, so it’s not like it cost you a raid tier.

You don’t know how finances works.

And also most game graphics card software allows this already through individual game settings. So again it was a waste.