END War Mode!

I’ve been thinking about this lately. I’m on Emerald Dream, been there for many years. It was a hot spot for WPVP and it was incredible during the MoP expansion. So many amazing guilds, fights, players. Now… a wasteland of nothing. War mode is what killed this amazing experience. Blizz has catered to the pve community too much and has demolished the pvp community in process.

Its simple. Get rid of War Mode, FOREVER. After all the game is called… World of WARcraft.

I know people need time to go to the auction house, RP, do events and other things pve wise, however… wpvp is what made WoW fun. The removal of PVP servers was really the end of wpvp after they implemented war mode.

I think the fix to this, is…

  1. Get rid of War mode.
  2. Bring back PVP servers so that players that want a pvp world have one (especially Emerald Dream)
  3. Implement a setup in which ALL CITIES AND PLACES are vulnerable to attack, even sanctuaries. With this have a timer setup for all places with big cities having a longer cooldown from attacks. For example, if horde attack Stormwind after an hour of occupation the city becomes a sanctuary and the city npcs deploy a force to stop the attacking force clearing the city. The city would remain a sanctuary for like an hour or 2 so the city can regroup and take care of things needed. Each place could have a warning like a siren or something else to alert players to an incoming attack once the enemy faction hits the city. (yes we have local defense but its not like a siren or an in game thing thats like npcs going WERE UNDER ATTACK!) Smaller places could have a shorter cooldown.

Too many players sit in sanctuary areas leaving a stale environment in which no one is doing anything but pve stuff. Nothing wrong with that but for wpvp this absolutely kills any kind of fun.

With boxers being extinct wpvp could potentially be better than its ever been before, had there been pvp servers.

  1. Get rid of pvp tiers of gear. Bring back ONE set of conquest and one set of honor gear. Make it less dependent on gear and covenant choices, and more dependent on skill. At this moment literally pvp is how much gear you have and if you got rating to get the top gear. Honor gear players have ZERO chance at even being relevant in any fight.

  2. Get rid of horrible grinds to obtain gear. Grinds within grinds is not fun, its literally sucking the life out of the game for pvp. Players that want to pvp do not want to spend INSANE hours grinding things just to be competitive. Again its about how much gear you have and not your skill. The fun factor is gone. I know they are reducing how much honor it takes for a set of gear with 9.1.5 which is great, but the tiers of conquest gear is a poor design.

  3. Reduce the dependency on which covenant is “best” or bis in pvp. Having crazy combos allowing for some classes to dominate others is not a level playing field. Nothing will ever be perfectly balanced, however its pretty blatant whats good and whats not good currently.

  4. Maybe create in world events for wpvp to get people out of those safe zones. World quests were good but they dont offer enough to motivate people. Again people have war mode off and never leave their safety net. War mode incentives are garbage and people could care less.

Sorry for the wall of text but I have always loved wpvp. All the incredible guilds of old that battled constantly in places like Stormshield, Spires of Arak, Tanaan Jungle… no longer exist. Chaos and war is what makes wow, wow. Not running a dungeon 30 times for an achievement. In Wintergrasp and Tol Barad prior to having cross servers and able to play anywhere, servers had communities that knew everyone on each side, and constantly fought like mad for a win in those areas. Now… a wasteland of people that do not want to fight but sit in a safe zone.

We need pvp servers. The game is dying.


World PvP was on life support prior to BFA. WM invigorated it for a short time. The problem is that while BFA encouraged WM and encouraged PvP, shadowlands couldn’t care less. They gave you conquest for assaults in BFA! SL doesn’t seem to care about WPvP at all. They just stick you in a zone and say “Meh, fight if you want to idc”

The other problem is that for a large majority of players WPvP was something that they did in their downtime. Shadowlands keeps you on such an insane grind at all times that people with limited playtime log in and have just enough time to do chores.


Wpvp is dead, in the grave and never returning. Just move on like everyone else is doing.

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No, warmode was the best wpvp change ever made.


The game has a massive lack of wpvp… care bear land is destroying the game due to lack of activity amongst other things. Did you read what I posted?

Everyone sitting in safe zones is what killed it along with no incentives.


8% of players pvp. It’s been dead for a long time. SL S1 was the first big resurgence in 10 years.


Subjective. If wpvp is what made WoW fun, and the community loved it, then WM would have never been made a thing.

I literally sit in Durotar and queue PVP all day long as do lots of people, but why do you care if people who have no interest in wpvp aren’t out where you can gank them? lol


I did the best I could to keep the dream alive by attacking the cities…


You swapped off the less popular faction, to snipe easy kills on the dead faction, for the least amount of resistance.

Hardly “keeping the dream alive”. More like holding the pillow over its head, while bragging about how “gud” you are.


I could have kept ganking people in Orgrimmar if I wanted to and would have gotten the same desired WPvP gameplay. But after that poo show that was 8.0, I realize I’d give it a more punitive twist. The Alliance wasted my gudness, so I turned around and wasted them right back. When WM became a thing, so many of them were STUPID having been social bandwagoners for eons beyond remembrance, that not enough of them learned ANY REAL PvP in all that time. It took only ONE season to get our butts handed to us.

For me, I could have chosen to keep fighting the Horde ON MY OWN, but to do it for such a silly and pathetic faction? Pfft. And to think that I got some of my best salty PM’s from ganking the Horde at Brewfest and Hallow’s End. I had judged, and rather correctly, that the Alliance was beyond redemption, and this was three years ago now.

The only problem is you aren’t good.


Since your preferred strategy is more towards breaking the functionality of the game, I’d be careful about that kind of language. Whatever gudness I got, didn’t hinge on applying controversial measures to win games. You did the zerg guild thing, I did the self-starting solo thing. And ironically, plenty of people have reported me for cheating, or so I have heard off the street. I wouldn’t be surprised then if GMs have monitored my play, and realized it was a waste of time when I did nothing to actually break the game.

That’s a sign of gudness in itself, that my ganking efficiency was spot on even after the worst had migrated to FFXIV or New World. It was way better in 9.1 than 8.X completely, and Blizzard has given some small coefficient buffs to Marksmen in PvP next week. I think [the few remaining] people should be thankful I’m retiring for good. I only messed around for dueling practice in GShire lately but haven’t hunted in the cities since Tuesday.

Lmao. All you do is kill lowbies and give yourself a self-congratulatory pat on the back. Literally. And you run with Hydra and have the gall to talk about others, considering they run with their tails tucked. Still waiting on you to try and fight Soulscape or any of the actual wpvpers.


You must have missed my recent 8-man SW raid this month, when we scored no less than a hundred frags in about two hours. It was me and a few good Lothars. It wasn’t Hydra, but we sure avenged Hydra for the failed raid in July. Hail Hydra. As a wise man once said, it’s not bragging if you can do it. I got my 2,500 HK’s in the cities with a week to spare. The nice thing that used to be about Stormwind is that you get a Whitman’s sampler of everyone who PvPs. I get the nublets and the leets.

I was already checking on Soullscape today. He was doing Arena on his DH. I only have half a month left on my Token and I have to go back to work from staycation next week. He’s not going to be easy to streamsnipe. The cherry on top of my retirement would be to frag him a few times, but he’s not easy to catch. The small-fry success he depends on for his Twitch counts on his ability to avoid fights he can’t win without fail, which includes me. I had already interdicted a successful stream in Revendreth a good while ago. But he’s constantly changing it up with New World play as well as doing stuff on his other toons besides his toon Soul.

I like to think he’s lucky that I’m not the kind who holds grudges. When the feral druid community flamed him to a blackened crisp in 8.3 I was satisfied. He just continues to make a :arrow_down_small: :horse: out of himself, which gets handed back to him by his betters. I only ran into him once or twice accidentally being busy with WQ’s, but when I’m busy with chores I don’t go after people unless it’s vendetta and technically, I don’t have one with him. It’d be a nice feather in my cap before I leave WPvP, but I can retire without it.

Edit: h ttps://imgur.com/a/roFfJrB

This is what Hordish power really looks like on a scale too small to bring the Ruin/CL guys over, especially without tipoffs. 8 Hordies and Alliance aggressors completely painted SW City red. The original thread got taken down, it was that humiliating and embarrassing.

So you killed random lowbies flagged and afkers. No one’s impressed you :clown_face:


Sour grapes, I know.

Imagine if Blizzard removed everything that only a minority of players used.

God dammit I hate that line of reasoning.

I still miss:

  • Halaa
  • the towers in Hellfire peninsula
  • The weekly CTA quests in BfA
  • Assaults

Why are none of these currently in the game for SL?

ALL of them should be in the game, expansion to expansion.


I wish the warfronts would have been pvp not some pve setup, would have been amazing, plus the removal of stuff like the assaults SUCKS. They brought people out to fight. We did a lot of pvp during assaults. The rewards were decent too. Same for CTA.


i’m keeping warmode off. that should be the way it is. i hate people harassing when doing quest. real shame the level got pushed down.

I agree on I believe every part of this. I have long held this position as I too remember the good old days of WPVP in events between Horde/Alliance on Kiljaeden back during CATA. Gearing was better then as well for PVP. I do, however, love what they have done with survival hunter in PVP, so …

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