End Premades

whatever you say bud :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

this is false.

Well except both changes were directly aimed at preventing premades from pug stomping.

not true. no basis in reality

No I am not. Premades were not intended for AV. One side was able to premade because of short queues. The Premades behavior to try an ensure they’d get as many players in was disgraceful but changes would have been made regardless. If premades were intended for AV they would have allowed them to queue as such.

Fact #1: both factions can and could premade
Fact #2: they changed things because premades “sniping” caused matches to start prematurely with uneven number of players.
Fact #3: you can resolve all of your issues by making friends

Its not. If you read any blue post about changes they make to classic they always say things like “too keep in line with values established in vanilla” or “to keep vanilla experience”

I will be tuned in. Im sure there will still be some better pugs who will clear it. Naxx on the other hand im not confident about. But thats still 90% of the games raiding content that is pugable

Maybe. Maybe i dont have the same time i did when i was 15 but want at least some semblance of the experience i had pvping when i was 15

Except that is reality, both changes were directly targeted to prevent premades from pug stomping.

A change made to ensure a game wouldn’t start with fewer than X number of players was done to address pug stomping?


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If that was the cause, but it wasn’t horde whined incessantly about premades and blizzard addressed it.

I think he was referring to the change to remove BG numbers from the q pop so that alliance couldnt 3 2 1 q and drop queue until 30+ had the same number bg

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yes, being matches not starting 40v5

do you mean players in super elite guilds trying to do it during off raid hours?
can’t wait to see this!

i’m sorry, activision hasn’t starting sharing their time traveling technology yet.

maybe you should have been paying attn in math classes instead of playing wow when you were 15 :worried:

this isnt true at all. repeating something false doesn’t make it spontaneously true.

But you are asking for massive change to classic pvp meta that will ruin the game for more people than it “fixes” it for. You still haven’t given a good reason as to why you deserve special treatment as a solo player.

A little extra criteria would be asking for a role check, so all BG’s have at least 2 healers. That’s the reason most pugs lose. If you have no healers you will lose 90% of the time regardless of who you play.

I don’t think most people would oppose a role check.

This is false, the Horde could not premade because of long queues, there is a reason the premade discord meta was only on alliance. If the horde was able to premade I have no doubt we would have seen the exact same behavior on both sides.


still counts if more than half the group is players from random other guilds

1 UBRS- Pug
2 Ony - Pug
3 MC - Pug
4 BWL - pug
5 Zg - PUG
6 Aq - pug
7 aq20 - pug
8 Nax - prolly not

7/8 = 0.875
Move the decimal two places = 87.5%
Sorry i over estimated.

That’s fine a role check might somewhat work.

At least that acknowledges that the current system is massively flawed. But i disagree that going to say a system similar to OW that tries to put equal numbers of premades on each team would be a massive change.

You’re wrong. It was possible for horde to premade. Just alot harder to pull off because of 20 minute queues. Alliance premade could stack 30+ players in. Horde could get 5-10 reliably, which still make a big difference if the pugs will listen to you.

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You do have premade discords what are you talking about? I can guarantee you that on every single server you have a horde ranking discord just for that…to find groups to premade. Just because you havnt been invited or don’t know about it doesn’t mean it’s not out there. On kromkrush-there is exactly this. A horde premade discord to find “more like minded” individuals that want to play and compete.

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Right but then we have to look at the actual changes, changing AV, directly prevented premades from pug stomping, chaning WSG directly prevented premades from scouting so they could pug stomp.

20 minute? maybe on day one? AV queues for horde were 35+ after the first week. and as high as 50 minutes until wsg and ab became the meta and now they are well over an hour