Enchantment bugs and Buff Slots

Probably, yet the closed mouth doesn’t get fed nor does the quiet wheel get grease.

Is this going to fix ranged weapon scopes counting as a buff slot?


I am not saying it is, or is not.
I know a lot of potions/consumes over ride similar ones
so was wondering if that was or was not supposed to be maybe?

Absolutely not.

The Blasted Lands buffs are supposed to be independent/unique. This is why they stack with other attribute increases like Mark of the Wild.

Even in the event that an attribute increasing buff does not stack with another, the more powerful would overwrite the weaker, and the weaker would not be applied if the more powerful were already applied, i.e. Blasted Lands would not overwrite ZG potions and could not be used.

It might make sense for the ZG potion to overwrite the Stamina or Spirit buffs from Blasted Lands, but not the Agility, Strength, or Intellect ones.

Also, if a buff has multiple effects, even if one of the effects does not stack with another buff’s similar effect, the multi-effect buff will still be applied, e.g. Firewater and Juju Power.

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But while you’re at it :slight_smile: please re-evaluate things we can’t control eating up buff slots if you could. Specifically Stances & Druid forms, Revenge proc (Defensive State), as well as duplication caused by ownership changes for Inspiration/Ancestral Fortitude.

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Will this apply to Iron Counterweight as well? The 3% attack speed blacksmithing weapon enchant?

It is normal, the other reply is incorrect.

Originally, the buffs were +50 to a stat, and everyone had to farm blasted lands for the crap. It was horrible. I remember doing it in vanilla.

In 1.11 or 1.12, I don’t which but it was late in Vanilla, the items were changed to be +25 to a stat and did not stack with buffs of the same type.


probably 1.11 then
1.12 was mostly bugfix iirc?
have to look through patch notes

I have videos of naxx warriors having close to 21 buffs just from buffs.

Roids, wcb, zanza, rcds, zandalar, songflower, dm ap, dm stam, dmf, juju might, juju power, Titans flask, elixir of fort, bshout, fort, motw, str totem, windfury, mana spring, thorns, mongoose.

Try to do that now and you’ll lose buffs from things like bloodthirst, flurry, defensive stance, revenge, shield block all counting on classic. We can’t even use things like renew, rejuv, t2 priest hot, t3 sham/pally buff, berserker rage, bloodrage, shield wall without risking world buffs or flask popping off.

The reference client has been proved wrong many times on other things yet buff cap still isn’t fixed


Speaking of buffs, any chance fixing Rallying cry and dm buff to apply ranged AP ;).

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It sounds like you’re saying that leg\head enchants shouldn’t count as a buff slot? That’s great.

What about this? https://youtu.be/heeI6hWUsLk All but one world buff was knocked off by a renew when I only had 25 (including arcanums and stance) buffs.

I’m pretty sure scopes already don’t count towards the buff cap

I’d like to invite you and the other devs to hop aboard our buff train in a couple weeks! It’ll be SO much fun:

UBRS: fire resist buff
Summons to Dire Maul north
DM North: tribute buffs
Summons to Booty Bay
Hakkar Head buff
Summons to Elwynn
Darkmoon Faire 10% damage buff
Summons to Felwood
Songflower buff
Port to Stormwind
Nef/Ony head buff
Summons to Blackrock Mountain
Raid with us!

It would be SO great if you guys could make world buffs fall off when entering raid instances. Pretty please. :frowning:

And “enjoy” might not be the best word for it. :stuck_out_tongue:


From where we are standing they said that it was how their reference client worked.

It may be helpful to mention that the reference client is a vanilla 1.12 client compiled from the 1.12 backup and not a converted BFA client.
I think some people might not be aware.

It’s a weapon buff like windfury so no.

They always consumed a buff slot like a paladin aura so no.

You say that but rogue poisons and Dense Sharpening Stones do not count as a buff.

towards the slot allocation or visually providing a buff that doesn’t count?

Poison/Dense does not count at all torwards the 32 maximum buffs you’re allowed at once.

eh, i dont really see the big deal on buff cap. would it be awesome for it to be removed, sure. but good guilds have found ways to accommodate certain spells.