Enchantment bugs and Buff Slots

buff cap itself, is ok, i mean sure 50 buffs is better than 20 but…

things counting as buffs that are not seems a bit suspect, but i honestly
can not remember that part from way back when.

Seems illogical anyways

  1. Stance
  2. Fire Resistance Aura
  3. Blood Boil
  4. Power Word: Fortitude
  5. Mark of the Wild
  6. Blessing of Light
  7. Battle Shout
  8. Shield Block
  9. Blessing of Might
  10. Blessing of Kings
  11. Mongoose
  12. Gift of Arthas
  13. Juju Might
  14. Kreeg’s, I think?
  15. Flask
  16. Elixir of Fortitude
  17. Bloodrage
  18. Enrage
  19. Flurry
  20. Songflower
  21. Zandalar
  22. Dragonslayer
  23. Mol’dar’s Moxie
  24. Fengus’ Ferocity
  25. Quel’serrar proc
  26. Crusader proc
  27. Renew
  28. Arcanum
  29. Arcanum
  30. Shield Enchant
  31. Defensive State (block/dodge/parry – Yes, this really takes a buff slot when it happens)
  32. Well Fed

I’m not entirely sure what pushed it off.

If you are gonna admit to the appeal of world buff stacking, can you address the headaches of it as well? Layering has made getting world buffs an absolute nightmare.

Rend buff is the MOST IMPORTANT BUFF IN THE GAME, and its absolutely aids to get.

They know this, but not being able to play at all is even more important than buffs.

No world buffs are needed, any guild clearing content can clear it world buff free.
But know when they can not clear it?
When half their members can not even log in.

If only 9 of your raid can even get in the realm, what good does rend buff do you?

Then disable world buffs, or make world buffs easier to get. With or without layering getting world buffs is a chore. Rend has less than 10 seconds to react making it impossible to swap to grab it when someone turns in.

If Blizzard are accepting the fact people stacking buffs is okay, make the system better. They’ve already opened the flood gates on these issues, they should not sit around anymore about it.

Well, layering will go away, or we will all die from the plague, in which case layering goes away also.

World buffs have always been i guess you could say a chore.
That is just kinda life in vanilla city really.
In real vanilla, i dont recall them being nearly as widely used as they were a chore to get, and there were not nearly as many heads rolling around etc.

They did mostly dispense with them in later expansions, but that would not be vanilla, nor would making them less of a chore to get.

classic =/= vanilla. That argument doesn’t work anymore.

Classic should give you the experience of vanilla with quality of life changes that the game has evolved into. Blizzard acknowledges people wanting to buff stack, something that was never truly utilized in vanilla.

With that being said two major issues currently in end-game

  1. Make world buffs easier to get.
  2. More quality of life changes for the buff cap. Invisible buffs like warrior stance, overpower proc, revenge proc all shouldn’t count towards the buff cap.

Classic should be be about improving the vanilla end-game experience.

That is your opinion, but it is not Blizzards opinion, nor what they set out to do, nor even any definable amount of the player bases opinion.

Thats not just my opinion.

Absolutely not.

The vanilla experience is the exact opposite of quality of life. It’s a tedious, annoying, inconvenient grind… and that’s exactly how it should be, because that’s what we asked for.

We wanted vanilla. We thought we did, and we did.

You thought you did, but you didn’t.


Well not everyone who is incorrect is unique.
Lots of people share the same thought about lots of things.
It never makes them a majority, unless you are planning to hand out brown shirts?

Hi Pazorax, when will we get an update on this? As a Warrior I’m waiting to use ZG Enchants on my Helm/Legs until it’s confirmed that it’s been marked passive since it’s one of the more complex enchants.

oh hi mark

just use your 1hr consumes before you grab wbuffs, you’ll be fine