Emergency Cranial Defibrillation not working

Hi all,

I recently died (lost all health) in a horrific vision and the cape talent emergency cranial defibrillation did not revive me as stated in the tool tip, it evac’d me instead. This also happened to my mate today (lost all health, got evac’d not revived as per the tool tip), has this happened to anyone else yet?


Happened to me as well obviously the mechanic isn’t working as intended.

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This is indisputable fact. I just paid for this research and was counting on this working as I was trying to save my orbs for later. I got to zero sanity, and instead of reviving as expected, I was kicked from the instance. Blizzard dysfunction and incompetence at its finest and they cheat me out of my Vessel.

Why am I not surprised?


Just had this happen today. Has anyone gotten any feedback on this?

Happened to me as well

glad i researched that talent… lol…, ugh

Just happened to me. Ran out of sanity, died, then was evac’d. Submitted bug report in game.

I will also add my experience to the collective. Researched, ran, didn’t work.

Lost all Sanity right before Thrall (managed to knock out the two lower-sanity draining areas) and since I was out of orbs, figured I would just die, revive with 500 sanity, and beat Thrall to get out.

Boy howdy was I wrong. GG.

This has happened to me twice. Lose all sanity expect regeneration, but ejected from instance. I put in a bug submitt in-game as well.

This happened to me to did the nightmare and when my sanity ran out I didn’t revive and I needed that extra bost to get the I final push to get my objectives.

Went for 2 corrupted, 1 lost, +Thrall. was in the lost area and was in combat too long (admittedly I did not use my orb… which I wanted to save for later). was almost out of sanity and thought “will get full health and half my sanity back. Can survive this pack and one more than drop an orb a bit early!” NNOOPPEE. lost sanity, and was punted. made a thread earlier on it too, and I stand by my statement: If you are going to have a punishing, ridiculous, and pedantic system of NOT refunding vessels… Then that system needs to be the most complete and non-buggy experience in the entire patch/game.

Happened to me today 30/01/2020

Still not working 02/01/2020

Yup, still not working today either.

Worked for me, but it used up one of my 3 charges. If that is the way it is supposed to work, it is definitely not worth it, and it should say so in its description when deciding research option. :frowning:

This is STILL an issue and I am livid. Doing a 2-mask run and getting great RNG on the Gift of the Titans trait; Rexxar’s boars survived my Focusing Iris and landed a few extra quills before I could kill them, so I was super low. One of the stampede beasts hit me and the Defibrillation trait did not trigger. Still had 3 orbs and I know for a fact I had not triggered the trait earlier in the run.

This is completely asinine and needs fixed ASAP. We should not be losing runs due to issues that are 100% Blizzard bugs and getting no compensation to try again.

EDIT: Okay, a little more calm now. I’m able to observe that my sanity ticked to 0 from the passive drain in the same moment that I got hit by a sanity-draining ability (the void stampede from Rexxar). This seems like a simultaneous actions issue, and sanity 0 seems to be taking precedence over the Defib trait working.

This should be an easy fix IMO. If player has Defib trait still up, they can’t die or zero out sanity regardless of drain source. Add a 1-second grace window on this (to account for simultaneous actions) and it likely resolves the issue for that scenario at least. This isn’t even really exploitable because the Defib trait is one-time only each run.

just had this happen to me, ported to chamber instead of rez

Esto me sucedió para hacer la vision y cuando se me agotó la cordura no reviví y necesitaba ese apoyo extra para obtener el último empujón para lograr mis objetivos esta la segunda vez que me sucede la primera lo deje asi sin reclamo pero esta vez si necesito que me apoyen con esto.

Esto me sucedió para hacer la visión y cuando se me agotó la cordura no reviví y necesité ese apoyo extra para obtener el último empujón para lograr mis objetivos esta la segunda vez que me sucede la primera lo deje asi sin reclamo pero esta vez si es necesario me apoyen con esto.