Embrace Two New Races in Cataclysm Classic

Embrace Two New Races in Cataclysm Classic

Two new races—worgen and goblin—join the Alliance and Horde, each bringing their unique edge to Azeroth.

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wow, mind blown. new races… i wonder what their population will be in 16 years


Be warned people willing to “try” classic main expansions that the current classic dev team is more focused on sod than anything classic main expansion related… this can be confirmed and check by how insanely active the dev’s are on sod version, on top of discords and twitter even…

If you’re willing to take a not really great experience try it by all means but if you’re expecting a focused experience molded by your feedback might as well stay on retail…


While I’m excited for Cata Classic, this was a painfully obvious truth that Goblins and Worgens were coming.

Any news on the pvp gear discounts, server merging, any potentially new changes? Or do I need to go to twitter for that?


interesting how quickly the mods sent this thread to the GY that is main expansion classic forums :dracthyr_hehe_animated:

That female worgen model was and still is an abomination. Should’ve used the original alpha worgen.


Makes me so sad that we get Chihuahua face all over again instead of the original alpha models.

Time to wear hoods to hide my face :dracthyr_a1:


I’m not sure what you’d expect otherwise. You’re doing content that’s already happened and been developed years ago and experiencing it as is. It’s not like SoD where you get tons of new changes.

Deftness from Dragonflight is being addeed into Cata?

Will wrathful gear be discounted in the prepatch (beyond what is currently on the beta)?

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You’re sharing common knowledge. What people actually want to know is what account services can be used on the new class/race options.

A better question to ask is why you care that I care, but don’t give me the answer, as I do not care why you care.

Well I guess it’s time to crack open the kaja kola and celebrate!

Could have had the decency to use the the alpha worgen that actually had dev time.

But no…


Like how the article mentions stats that don’t exist in Cata in the racials like deftness since it was just copy pasted from the main game page.


but what about my arena points?


Excited to see all this news about Worgen and Goblins; however, I am still curious if we will be able to use our 80 boost on them. I know we couldn’t on Draenai, belfs, and DKs, but is there a chance?

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After the abrupt departure of Trade Prince Gallywix at the conclusion of the Fourth War, the goblins of the Bilgewater Cartel were left temporarily leaderless. Now Trade Prince Gazlowe leads the goblins with his clever wits, representing them on the Horde council.

Uhhh… you might want to check on the bronze dragons who wrote this blog post. Not sure we’re quite there yet.


How about a non-bugged fiasco mess?


Any word on embracing permanent wrath classic era servers also. Thanks blizz.


Was this worth making an entire article about? I pity whoever was tasked with this at Blizzard.