Embers of Neltharion Upgrade System Overview

Embers of Neltharion Upgrade System Overview

Get an overview of the new Embers of Neltharion Upgrade System arriving with Dragonflight Season 2 and set yourself up for success in the latest content update.

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Please dont let it be overcomplicated with tons of currencies.

Edit: Please reduce the complexity of new systems!!! Thats way too much. Feels like BFA all over again with layers on layers on layers.


You all gotta stop making these systems so convoluted. Halfway through the post, and it’s so complicated for no reason. Does anyone use the acronym keep it simple, stupid at the office? :neutral_face:


The current upgrade system was fine. Raid gear needed to be added, that is all. This is too much for the same outcome.


i agree with the catch up gear upgrade the token
much easy to understand now we have to remember 2-3 currencies now lol


I may be missing it, but I don’t see where it says anything about where this upgradeable gear even comes from.


Please allow the chests to be purchasable more than once per week, especially for people who don’t play the same character every week and instead play in bursts. Or let the number you can buy stack like the tier tokens.


the new zone area
might be from rewards or crafted idk yet

Glad I main PvP cause this sounds convoluted. Feel like my Reagent bag is always full, can this stuff just go in the currencies section??

Good luck I guess?

The Zone still looks cool tho.


You’ll be able to get the gear from a lot of the activities you’ll do in Embers of Neltharion as you play through the content, such as questing, dungeons, or experiencing the new raid dungeon.


Why the over-arching complexity? Why can’t we just have Shadowflame Crests instead of four different versions of the darn thing?

Why do you always have to IKEA every idea you have, Blizzard?


Looks convoluted as heck for juggling for a main. And MUCH less friendly for alts.


It removes the incentive to run low keys to farm valor or get items to upgrade. So its similar, but not the exact same outcome.

Now you have to run more difficult content to get stronger gear.


But why five different gear ‘types’? Why flightstones and the splurge of Shadowflame Crests?

It’s so needlessly overburdened with junk.


Because they categorized ALL content into five different difficulties…again, to push people to do harder content for better gear.

The flight stones are essentially an uncapped valor replacement.

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Valor was insanely boring and punishing, glad we’re trying something new and this sounds really cool and respects players time - sad that people in the comments don’t see how this is 100x better just because there is a wall of text in front of them.

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Not so much the wall of text as the convolutedness of spending all your coins upgrading an item only for it to be replaced from an RNG vault or boss drop, lol.

Had this been 1-2 items, like an epic weapon upgrade or something, that would be fine. But, and this is from previous Honor gear upgrade experience in SL, having so many upgrades on all your gear feels overwhelming and tiresome.

This quickly leads itself into the “I can never catch up” mentality, especially when returning to the game after a few months’ break.


Maybe it will make more sense in action but on paper this all sounds incredibly confusing.


Guys, sheesh… why is this so overly burdening just to play the dang game? Im so tired logging in every day and needing a degree in engineering just to get better gear. After reading your explanations on the new systems I just can’t do it any more.

I swear, I feel so lost and overwhelmed by a massive wall of text and being told “this is simpler than before”.

If it were simpler you wouldn’t need a massive wall of text explaining it, and then a follow up massive wall of text explaining that massive wall of text. KEEP IT SIMPLE!


Listen, Blizzard, bby, that guy? In the systems design team? Who’s trying to justify their paycheck? Stop listening to that guy. He isn’t good for you.