Emails being sent out giving "Warnings" to people who were in GDKP's

Why did you write GDKP’s in plural, when I have logs proving I ran one ever, on last lockout?

What part of me would feel the need to hide an activity that isn’t banned yet?

AH is treated differently than GDKP’s/mailbox as you don’t know who is buying it or who you are buying from.

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Yeah gdkp without rmt would be a goldsend. If only man. I really hate ninjas only reason i started doing gdkp in the first place. Getting my 2h stolen broke me.

Do you think most people who dislike GDKP’s, have NEVER ran one before in their lives?

Why are you applying some weird standard to me for attending 1 GDKP, on the last lockout of the phase, in a guild that was on break for a week till phase 2?

Yes, most people who hate gdkps have never ran one.

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That doesn’t say loosely OR indirectly.

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Most people mad about this, have no idea how gdkp negatively effects the economy and gatekeeps pugs when max level is 60 and no new players can raid

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I wouldnt take anything said by blizzard with a grain of salt. Same with riot games. They hire strange ppl.

Dont do gdkp, dont get ban.

Dont do, dont get.


I’m counting the ones you were planning on running in Phase 2.


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Can you define what “False ban” means?

No. Dont do gdkps.


The game will still be negatively impacted by rmt. Banning gdkp wont help anything. Bots and others still farming gold and boes…20 lvls above them 7 dmg scope selling for 1000g to gold buyers. Yeah how are regular joes supposed to obtain 1000g?

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Because you’re the one who started this thread.

Do you have any evidence to back your claim of me planning to ditch my WoW friends of over a decade, for GDKP’s in phase 2?

They know.

They don’t care.


So you can’t make threads hating on GDKP’s if you’ve ever attended one before in your life?

That dude enjoys pissing people off. Hes said it earlier.

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Someone in that raid did for sure. I’ll bet Blizzard is sending everyone in that raid this email.