Elemental lariat recipe is still extremely rare

Uh factually incorrect. Lariat is actually better than what it was after you have full sockets, and most people at the high end are using it.

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1 million is dirt cheap. The lariat recipe is currently 4.2 million on my server. The OP is on a dead server. Should consider themselves lucky.
EDIT> NM, i see this is a necroed thread. But nothing has changed. The recipe is still rare enough to make me look for another game to play that doesnt waste my time and the price has done nothing but go up.

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I’d hardly consider 1 month a necro. The point is less in wanting to sell it, but more in the fact that its not available at a reasonable price for everyone by having more chances of it dropping from mobs, in CURRENT content, and not just rare content that no one does.

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i shouldve held onto mine until now then huh

Thread is dated march of 2023

This is still a stupid problem… fix the drop rate dammit!


Just another on the long list of items that will remain rare and soon be obsolete.

a well deserved necro.

the item should not be a rare drop at this point. I feel bad for people on low pop servers…good thing I made friends with someone who has it.

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My response was after one month of no response. You should know what a necro is because by your logic, the long and daily updated thread WAGGLE Megalounge and Thread (Part 2) is a necro as well.

This thread should be kept going. These recipes are still one of the big problems with crafting.

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Yeah I’ve never had a problem getting it crafted and my realm is bad for crafting orders in general