Elemental lariat recipe is still extremely rare

Just one on my server AH. For a million. I’ve killed a lot of storm bosses, this drop rate makes no sense


Tons of people have the recipe and have necks maxed out. Anyone paying 1 million for the recipe is not going to make their gold back at this point. I’d be surprised if it sells.


Have better luck or RNG getting the jackhammer from uldaman to drop then thinking the lariat receipe is


Ugh Ive killed quite of bit of storm bosses, I just want to be able to do it myself for alts at this point but nooo it’s rare!

Side note: dataforazeroth lists at only being obtained by 0.33% , which is stupid considering how many use it


Had a lariat made the other day on public order for 2k commission. Simple 4 dragon riding WQ covered it.


I noticed that before the last patch (3/21), that if i moused over an elemental storm on the map, it showed that i was missing the recipe for the Lariat on any of my toons.

Now, i only see that msg in the tooltip if I am on my JC alt, but dont see it on any of my other alts

Did they make it even harder to get by only letting JC;s get the drop?

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Don’t buy the recipe lolz, Lariat Commission is like 100 gold to 2k .

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i’m a jewelcrafter, i want to be able to craft it myself. But ofc i’m not gonna buy it


One of the JC’s on my server has had it drop for them twice now :expressionless:


I want the recipe, too, so I can have my JC alt’s name on all my necklaces.

It would also be nice to have the recipe just in case I want to craft it years from now for timewalking purposes.


I’m still farming it, trying to get the recipe to drop so I can make it for my guildies. Not a single JC in my guild has gotten it. It is honestly depressing. Looking at wowhead seems to be around a 0.1% drop rate. With the changes to storms, there are fewer farming groups as well, so even fewer chances to get it. I know there is a new blue post on their philosophy on public work orders, hope we get a similar post as to why this recipe is so hard to get.

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I mean whos really gonna buy it for a mill tho, just cuz its listed dosent mean its gonna sell

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I don’t know why anyone would buy it for a million gold. You’re lucky to get commissions above 5k now. Lariat crafters aren’t as rare as they used to be.


I’ve been killing storm bosses every chance I get since the storms came out and haven’t seen it. Multiple characters, lfg, all the tricks. Still trying even though it no longer matters, sunk cost, completionist etc etc. It’s definitely not worth buying now (hasn’t been for some time), but my gripe is not with the rarity, but the farm.

  • You don’t get a notification of a spawn unless you are inside the storm zone.
  • Rare addons don’t seem to be able to detect them, except on mouseover.
  • The rare icon does not appear on the map if you have already killed it this week, despite it being a daily reset.
  • You can get the same rare multiple times in one storm.
  • The only guaranteed spawn is at the start. If you position yourself to make any of the fresh storms, the first rare can be dead by the time you get there, just from people in the area.
  • The fresh spawns overlap with other game features like siege and feast.
  • They can spawn on a fairly regular 40 minute interval, but they usually don’t.
  • I used to camp different storms with a friend, where it was possible to get multiple kills. Now there is only one storm.
  • No easy way to list/find groups. Can’t search on multiple terms so rotate searching each rare name, coz you don’t know what other people might list as.
  • And the most aggravating is that the rares can despawn. Most often the dragons, at Tyrhold and Brackenhide. I don’t know if it is just pathing, or dragonriders pulling like what happens with the world bosses, but if it despawns, that’s it for that spawn.

I like the collectionist element of the game, but as someone that has spent far, far too long camping rare spawns over the years, I really hope some of the new design philosophies can be applied to this aspect of the game. It is clear that the people who design them this way, don’t do them, and don’t give them much thought. Just having some indication of how long until the next spawn, and/or how since the last kill, would go miles towards a better experience.


I’m sitting on 13 recipes and they aren’t selling because people that have played this game for longer than 3 weeks know there’s no point to buy the recipe now because there’s a .00001% chance they make their gold back.

Definitely think the drop rates at launch need to be smoothed out. It also would’ve been nice to get my first lariat for under 50k.

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in 10.0.7 actually allows rarescanner to tell you about storm rare zonewide

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Don’t forget Neela’s and Pipspark’s worthless dragon mounts that most people don’t know better to just ignore.


A guildie got it 4 times now. Typical Bliz fixed rng.

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A very small %.

Blizzard likes you chasing a forever carrot.
I don’t mind rare but this is just silly so I just refuse to engage in their silly design.

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The problem with these extreme low drop rate recipes is that eventually, you just give up. I know I did when I killed my nth storm boss and not a single illusion enchant recipe dropped. So now when I see a storm boss is up, I just ignore it.

Well done, blizz. Player participation dropped.