Ectoplasmic distiller going to stay how it is?

is it game breaking or something noob guilds use? you can’t have it both ways.


Oh, so it doesn’t affect the high end guilds and is a non-issue, yea this is staying in.

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I like how your putting words in my mouth, getting offended for no reason. Have a good day lol

That is EXACTLY what you said lol


What’s the startup time?

There are still a lot of bosses that have dialogue/start up time too. Vael, or Rag for example… and there are lots more. Speedrunners will still be able to utilize this I would think.

It’s instant, has a 60sec cd. takes 2 minutes of setup time to be fully effective, you will not see a speed run guild stall for 2 minutes because of threat, most speed run guilds just taunt through wing buffets ect

Oh yeah okay 2 minutes kinda throws a wrench in it for speed running purposes.

Still totally broken. Think of how it could be used for for DPS check bosses, or heavy hitter bosses (Patchwerk comes to mind).

Who cares if it helps mediocre guilds get over a hump? Nothing in vanilla is hard.

People used this item in niche situation during the original vanilla, and the buff follows the logic of all the other buffs in the game. It’s not game breaking nor a bug, unless you consider everything else like fury prot, stacking armor debuffs, diamond flask, world buffs, goblin zapper charge, etc., game breaking. It will be used by some people to have fun and on niche situations.


I watched a vod from an MC lastnight where the tank threw 1 on the ground on magmadar and got 33% increased threat on the fight did the math checked the threat logs. It’s not niche… it removes the threat mechanic from the game lol

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So…warriors and poo-bears can finally be AoE Tanking Gods like prot-Paladins spamming GBoK on the warriors? :stuck_out_tongue:

With multiple mobs it doesn’t completely make it useless but it nerf’s its usefulness
with 5 mobs, its 5 threat per 3 seconds, per mob/device. Not very good.

Definitely helps on fights like Ony; paladin tank is so OP on that.

This is exactly the kind of thing Blizzard does care about. If it is true I would expect a hotfix within the next few days.

It would really surprise me if they change it (it would be change rather than a fix), as it is following the intended behaviour of any buff in the game and the item works exactly as it does in the reference client. They also changed how buff threat works in TBC so there isn’t really a reason to change this specific item when the buff-threat system is going to change when TBC comes.

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There’s nothing wrong with using certain world items in other areas of the game. All that matters is if it reflects the original client or not.


If tanks can stand still and generate 2k+ TPS, the it promotes a type of gameplay where tanks gear to be a lump of mitigation and stand in the right spot. Whether or not the tank decides to press buttons at that point is just fluff tps.

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They won’t do a full setup, but there’s no reason why speed runs wouldn’t be throwing one down on bosses if it’s ready.

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Blue response on this one way or another would be much appreciated as soon as possible. If it’s staying in game, then things like AQ40 loot priority will need to be adjusted since tanks in non-top-end guilds no longer need to take key DPS pieces for threat generation, so it would be helpful to get a response sooner rather than later.


bump. This stands to make a massive impact on the game, clarification on intent is needed before guilds go into AQ.

Im a fan of fixing it to not give threat, but honestly as long as we have an answer before Monday and blizzard doesnt change their minds later I dont care. Just dont f us around like you did with black lotus