Echoing rep? Cold Blood? Shadow dance?

I feel like the dragonflight rogue class talent tree is wonky towards the end. Why am I being forced to play with cold blood or marked for death? Why do I have to go into marked for death to get cheat death? I just feel like it’s locking me into end of talent tree choices I don’t want to make. The spec ones are pretty okay, but why would I want to go shadow dance on a assassin/outlaw rogue? I seems/feels wonky to me. Any others have that feeling?


200%- the Kyrian ability should be replaced with the venthyr ability. It’s so much more fun and feels rewarding due to the better you play, the more you get out of it and the less cd it has.


To be honest I will not pick either on my assa and sub rogue XD

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There is no CD reduction included. That was the legendary effect.

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Echoing Reprimand being there is a lack of imagination from devs. I wish they would come up with something different. Playing ER as sub was a complete nightmare with all the shadow technique procs.

I was wondering if perhaps Blade Flurry would not be a decent capstone for the outlaw route (i.e. outlaw rogues would get two charges – not sure how useful it would be considering all the CDR they generate). It would certainly solve may problems assassination rogues have in M+ scenarios and perhaps help sub on 2-3 target cleave. Perhaps a bit too powerful.

I kind I like how MfD is now on the Assa path. If it was my call, I’d switch Deeper Stratagem with Cold Blood, and Vigor with Acrobatic Strikes. I agree that Cold Blood is a situational talent that could be useful in certain scenarios and not in others, hence should be on an optional/avoidable node. Acrobaatic Strikes is also situationally good Should also be on an optional node.

Whoever thought of giving all rogues the choice to get Shadow Dance is a genius. Exactly the kind of decision that expands the possible gameplays and make the class fun.

With all love and nostalgia I feel toward Sub spec, I’m a bit tired of Shadow Dance after using it so often from years now.
I would try every possible way to make viable Sub based on very fast Gloomblades with dots from Sepsis, Rupture and other staff, to maximise sustain dmg.
Something like this (M+ version):

You can sacrifice premed to get the double vanish talent. You wont benefit from premed as much with only 1 SD charge that doesnt have its CD reduced but you can benefit a lot more by have double vanish CD reductions.

I agree changing positions would be a good solution. First of all Alacrity and Lethality should swap. Haste is just not something used by Sub. Having Deeper Strat swapped for Cold Blood is great. Personally id want the same done for Vigor and MfD, not Acrobatic Strikes. While being optional in nature, the way AS is currently positioned gives it the most follow up options compared to if you were to pick Cold Blood or MfD in the other branches. For that i feel it can stay where it is.

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Right. But Flagellation should come with the legendary effect. It feels really good to nail the rotation and have 30 stacks with a very short CD.

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I disagree.

I played Venthyr all the way until I rerolled a new outlaw on a high pop server, I’m LOVING ER and kicking myself for not going that way from the start.


That wouldn’t be a fair trade in the least for Outlaw. Giving up a finisher spam ability for another 15 seconds of AOE?

Maybe if all you do is M+, but for everywhere else, no.

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I will say from my experience so far coming into SL being Venth covenant on my sub felt good. Once S3 came about with Tier Set Bonuses Kyrian is the way: The empowered combo points synergies better with our set bonus with better proc’s and the uptime on shadow dance is very welcome as it makes the rotation so much smoother with less downtime more fast paste with more executable options mid fight were as Venth feels starved, draining, though its great while flag is up afterward just pooling and funnel ST is a drag and clunky and just waiting for flag to be back up for that “fun” is a bore.


But the cd is like 45 secs and in mythic plus, all you do is fam of knives and finisher. 2, maybe 3 buttons. And the other buttons can be macroed into fan of knives. Sub is boring period.

Also, sub doesn’t get the value out of the Kyrian talent in aoe unless you’re gimping your aoe.

For raids, it’s perfectly fine.

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ER only feels that nice right now because of the tier set. In the end Flagellation is better for the spec even if the legendary effect isnt included. Thats especially true now that the stat buff is mastery instead of haste. It also has use in aoe, not just ST.

It is indeed 45sec CD but with the soulbind mikanikos “Effusive Anima Accelerator” conduit will reduce its CD for 1sec per affected enemy. In turn CD is like none existent. You have it on demand whenever you want it.

Also if you check out rogue disc and look at the new spread for S4 Kyrian will be TOP for all content.

You can thank me later;) Better start getting use to it if you have not yet.

This seems misleading but i cant confirm it as im banned from that bs server


9.2 Evaluation(fuu): Should be a link

For the ones that still have access’s to the disc. I’m sure can validate my claim.

They should remove Cold Blood and switch it for Rupturing Spike. I think it would be more appealing to have stealth ambushes applying a 5 CP rupture.

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I generally hate stuff like cold blood cause it devalues crit… but crit will still be the most important stat.

Lol. I play Assassination in raids. You couldn’t get to me play Kyrian. And if Assassination is forced to take that talent in DF, I’ll play something else. I don’t have time for mini games.

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