Earthfury Update

Oh, I’m not saying it’s different. Just stating because some would see your reply without knowledge and think it’s all of the faction. Luckily the gear isn’t required to progress. Would love to have it though.

Hey kaivax pls open transfer to Earthfury my guild is waiting for me ;’(

Gotcha. Gave up a long time ago on those world bosses. If I hear they’re around I go and try to pvp a little bit.

I was lucky enough to get on one of the very few Kazzak horde kills (pre-transfers) and get the Flayed Doomguard Belt which I used in PVP for the stamina. It was fun getting the whispers at 4am “Azuregos is up, tell your guild!” and getting into a group filled with about 30 horde from every guild on the server. I was late for work a few times over the kills but it was fun getting them. We also had some great 2 hour battles over the bosses. I have no desire to leave my guild nor do I want to be in a super hardcore one so world boss kills likely won’t happen again in Classic for me. It was fun while it lasted. It’s too bad most alliance on Earthfury didn’t get to experience this.

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What would free xfers from Earthfury help with? There is no where to go without you contributing to damage of another server’s ecosystem.

I was at Kazzak when he spawned. As a guild, we were farming for the priest items and he spawned. I think SB swooped in and killed him. I would love a shot at the druid 1H mace, but it’s all good. Draconic Maul needs to drop!

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after my 3 day ticket i received this, about transfering my last 60 to my account from incendius. when are you gonna fix this? 1 layer but i cant bring my own char over to the server i have my other 60 on?


Thank you for taking the time to contact me and letting me know about your Issue.

I took a look into this for you and I found that if the server status has changed you should be able to move their now. However as the Free transfer period has ended it will need to be a purchased transfer. when making that purchase now though Eartfury should be a selectable server for you to choose from.

Should you ever need assistance, remember we are always here to offer any help we are able to. Thank you for reaching out to us.

hey do you have any update on that? i’ve made 2 tickets and mine said it might be close or might not, kinda sad to see customer support dont have that

I got this response today,

Hey there,

Specialist Game Master Rotonina here and First, I want to thank you for your patience here! Recently the number of tickets has gone up substantially and we appreciate your patience while we got this looked into. : )

I was just going over the ticket you put in here and I definitely understand wanting to get some clarification on why you cannot transfer to Earthfury. After combing through the forums, I found this post that was updated only 6days ago that seems to be the answer: Layers and Character Creation Adjustments on Select Realms

Sadly, this is a Classic team decision and we here at support cannot bypass it to allow transfers. But please do submit feedback to the Classic team through their forums under that post.

If you need anything else please feel free to reach back out. - Take care and May the wind be ever at your back and the sun always shinning upon your face.

BASICALLY I DON’T WANT TO HELP YOU IF YOU WANT ASSISTANCE BUG THE crap OUT OF US ON THE FOREMS, No where in that post can I see where they say xfers to earthfury are not suppose to be open.

were they turned back on? cause im still seeing layers?

??? Que sara

thanks for screwing earthfury blizzad


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thing is you CAN MAKE new char on Earthfury! anyone can. So you would assume they lift one why do they not lift the other one? This is the whole point.

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Are you guys going to continue to let people transfer to Netherwind until you have to offer free transfers and kill it like you did with Skeram, Inendius and Thalnos?

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ridiculous Right? You use to be able TO BUY THINGS FROM THEM! They dont give a flying rats butt that you want to pay to play! I canceled my 5 battle net accounts today after reciving this about transfering my last of 10 60s to earthfury, from the same situation.
Hey there! Game Master Kieulas here!

The transfer blocks on Classic servers prevent -all- transfers to those servers - even if you already have characters there.

It’s part of the extra pressure our Dev crew is putting on players to alleviate the queues on those locked servers.

It’s harsh, but intended.

It’s also something Customer Service cannot bypass. We simply don’t have the buttons to do so - again, our Dev crew wants maximum pressure on those realms to help reduce the login queues.

If you have any feedback about these locks, or want more information, or if you want any changes made, you’ll need to reach out to our Dev crew through either the Suggestion button or the Forums. The forums specifically are your best option - with the recent quarantine and lockdown events, our Dev crew is putting in more effort monitoring and posting on the forums regarding populations and locks.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED GUYS I CANCELED MY SUBSCRIPTION, YOU SUCCESSFULLY LOST MONEY FOR THE COMPANY YOU WORK FOR CONGRATZ!!! And from what is see just in this thread 6 subscriptions minimum. thats ~1k lost per year right there! keep it up
I own a company, granted not as big as blizz but if one of my workers was actively trying to lose my customers, he would be fired the instant I found out. To bad your boss doesn’t read the forums guys.

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@Kaivax, any idea when the transfer lock will be lifted? I had to take a brief hiatus from raiding for personal reasons and my guild transferred to Earthfury and I’m not able to join them until it’s lifted. I’m currently leveling a new character on the server, and queues haven’t been longer than a few minutes during peak times on Tuesday.

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How long did you wait between transfers?

Any idea if a lot of horde have been leaving Grobb?

@Kaivax any idea when paid transfer will open back up? If ever?


The lack of communication is so exhausting because you can not properly plan ahead. Please, talk to us, Blizzard.

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