Earthfury Update

does this not shut it off?

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cann you please deport the multiboxers and bots back to runescape


Can you open up free transfers off of Earthfury please? The Incendius refugees are really ruining this once lovely server


Agreed or send them all back and just add layers to incendious

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Yeah, I’m not sure what people are doing congratulating Blizzard, they took an amazing server and let 4000 horde leave Incendius and disrupt EarthFury.

We have lost every world boss since they fed-up the server. Now the Blue comes out and says that moves like that are unpredictable, really??? No sheet.


So Horde came to the server and gave you competition , where you had free reign of world bosses before, but now you wanna cry about not getting world bosses anymore ? , grow up child.

Incendius was never given layers the horde left to earthfury before it was implemented

I know.

That’s not what happened at all, but you continue the good work of trolling! :man_facepalming:


Excellent, thanks! I’ll go check out the Alliance side and see if it’s any less dead now.

Kromkrush Horde-side is overrun and could really use some layering if there isn’t any. Just sayin’.

While I agree there’s far too much horde on Earthfury at the moment, I find this quite hilarious. Really? You guys had the world bosses on farm for MONTHS.

Why you wishing death on our realm man? We are still making pretty good use of the second layer. If they reopen us the flood is going to start again.

We need waaaay more time to see if the pop falls off a bit. Way too many players on Pagle.

can keep the layers, just unlock it.

Yeah, let’s just have thousands of players moving constantly moving from server to server like a swarm of locusts, destroying every server they land on before moving to the next.

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Specific guilds (two only at one point) had it you for months you mean. I never got a single world boss kill. By the time you got there you’d be late or not have enough and one of the guilds ready was already killing it ! To say the entire Alliance had it is to not admit the truth of the situation. And MM nor my guild were the beneficiaries of the situation.

If we look at the population history the Horde side transfers should have been capped by the end of the first week of April. Earthfury was just about 50/50 at that point. Probably closed Alliance ones too except to those with characters already on the server. A friend was able to roll an alt on Incendius and transfer it over in less than 5 minutes the other day. Bit insane rate and probably part of the reason for the mass transfers. Nothing to filter or limit. Blizzard has done a very poor job handling server transfers for a long time.

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Yes, lets keep a server ruined. You offer no help. Please keep your mouth shut.

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I know 1 horde guild transferred off BECAUSE of layering. So I guess you guys are getting what you wanted (more money)

I would rather have one server stay ruined than have the players that ruined that server keep moving to new servers to ruin those until every server is ruined.

This is the 3rd or 4th server they have ruined, we need to keep them locked in one place for the good of all the other servers.

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Because you think it is any different now?.. It’s the same thing but it’s specific horde guilds now.

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That’s true, we have one or maybe two horde transfer guilds locking the bosses down now. I’d rather it go back to the two alliance guilds that had “control” fighting the horde coalition.

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