Earthfury Update

A few moments ago, the Earthfury realm was successfully returned to a single layer.

This reflects a recent decrease in peak population on that realm, but may lead to occasional, small queues in the evening on Earthfury.

We continue to monitor realm populations closely, with an eye on opportunities to bring other layered realms back to the intended single-layer experience.


Here we go.

Let’s get this spinach :leaves:


You guys sure do a great job at managing servers.


Wow Earthfury! Congratulations on social distancing.


How many layers on Incendious?

ok, I guess that’s better.

can we unlock Pagle, please?


I initially read this as “A few moments ago, the Earthfury realm was successfully returned to a single player.”

This quarantine has brought out the day drinking in me a bit too much.


yay this is dope news

only 2 layers on any layered realm

And the world became his oyster


You missed the point of my comment.

honestly if this is the case though why do you still have free transfers turned on to EF?

any chance for free transfers OFF earthfury?


Can you please add free transfers off Earthfury for the people that want to get away from Incendius


Sooo is Earthfury still locked for character xfers? I’m trying to bring my alts here but it says an error has occurred? Thought u guys locked it because of layers? Also for someone who already has characters on the server WHY can’t I bring my other characters here? Makes no sense that I can start new ones but can’t bring other ones here that I have.


I had the same issue. I transferred characters to Earthfury, and can no longer transfer my remaining characters there. I also had characters on Earthfury to begin with. Gm said I could transfer. So I tried, it failed. I made a new ticket, and the new GM said I can’t transfer. So their team is contradicting themselves and ruining peoples accounts.


Just an update: me and my friend just cancelled our subscriptions over this.

First GM I spoke with over the issue:
Denvorer: During my investigation, the only realms that currently have any restrictions from being transferred to are Incendius, Faerlina, and Whitemane. The realm Earthfury doesn’t show any kind of restrictions or blocks so you should be able to move to that realm from Grobbulus.

If you are receiving any kind of error message when trying to transfer there, please let us know so we can investigate this more for you."

First transfer was successful. I had then tried to transfer a second character and the transfer failed. Made a ticket and I was told this by a GM:
Scagarrde: “In order to balance realm populations and help mitigate long log-in queues, the Classic World of Warcraft development team sometimes turns off transfers and character creation to particular realms. This is done to prevent more players from contributing to realm overpopulation.”

It’s contradictory and helps no one. It’s just ruining people’s accounts and forfeiting the players that are in this situation. This doesn’t even prevent overpopulation, because we already have characters on that server.

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I’m also in the same situation. Someone fix this please.

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Can you please clarify what is happening with paid character transfers to Earthfury? You previous posts indicated that once layering is removed and the realms are unlocked, paid character transfers will be available for these realms. However, when I try to transfer to Earthfury, I still get an error message that won’t allow me to transfer my characters. Is this a bug that will be fixed?

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