Dynamic respawns?

The overspawn system is global, but also tuned to certain zones.

In the starting zones, it’s obviously tuned very highly, which to people who lack the proper knowledge, may appear to be dynamic respawns.

It is no where near as dramatic past the starting zones.

This was in at launch, and was personally confirmed by Mark Kern and Kevin Jordan. There is no opinion to be had. There is no debate. This is vanilla.

And as per usual, this thread is full of baseless speculation by uninformed or misinformed players, who we will sadly be sharing server space with at launch.


You literally started off, and referred to your whole post, around dynamic respawning not being in vanilla my dude LOL that is LITERALLY the point.

This is 100% OG classic forums right here boys. Say some random BS and claim it as fact, STAND by that random bs, get proven wrong, and then say something like this nonsense instead of saying “you know what? I was wrong, my bad”.

Lol you understand nothing you say from now on holds weight right?

Lol ya any random video with 5 people in one area. Do you understand what ‘dynamic’ means? Or do you just assume ‘dynamic’ means fast? Because at this point that’s what you’re showing me.


After Stress Test 2, we were as concerned as many of you were about the inability to find enough spawns in the starting zones, so we double-checked our spawn logic, and it turns out there was a bug.

In the original 1.12 data, different spawn regions have different thresholds at which automatic respawning is triggered, but the bug was causing it to ignore these population thresholds. This affects the starting zones more than other zones because they have very aggressive thresholds for triggering respawns, to make sure that you can always progress through your first introduction to the game.

As you level up throughout the later zones, the respawn thresholds aren’t as aggressive, and you start having to compete more in higher level zones. We have verified that we’ve correctly reproduced the 1.12 spawn rates and thresholds throughout the game now, and while the respawn rates you see in Northshire aren’t the same as they are in Un’Goro, they will both be accurate to patch 1.12.

Thanks so much for your feedback, and for helping us find and fix this bug!


A WoW dev response in these forums is more than welcome! Thank you for taking the time to post!


Does this apply to nodes aswell or just mobs?

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The same spawn logic applies to mineral nodes, creatures, herbs, etc. Spawn regions can overlap one another, so that creatures and nodes of different types behave differently in the same physical space, and individual spawns, can all have custom overrides. We’re using all the original data to control this behavior.


Just from the descriptions in this thread it sounds the same as BC at least.

And the blue has reiterated how the spawning system was explained to me in BC.

If you are super keen you can try forcing faster respawns with a distinct group of mobs within a small area.
You can also try using a large group to test if the trigger also involves player numbers within X space.
Of course outliers referencing kill counts might exist. With spawn rate increasing then dropping off after X count is reached.

Quest mobs were speculated to respawn faster if they were tightly packed.

Though it’s only rlly useful for stuff like guardian stones, essences and fellcloth.
If that even works for these essential mobs.
Would be neat to supply cloth/leather/enchanting mats and the occasional purple/blue though.
:grin: Maybe.

if you can do dynamic respawn to help with having mobs to tag, why do we have layering?


Thanks for the clarification. Always good to have an official answer on things.

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Layering is supposed to be more of a population insurance mechanic.
Think of a layered server as several separate pre-merged servers. They’re destined to be merged in the future, but the database is already a single unified DB to avoid things like name conflicts or other issues that can happen with a database merge.


Well there you go.

Thanks for the reply, makes me feel better.

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Yeah, I mean it seems easy enough I guess?

So if I understand this correctly, you feel that somehow players shouldn’t be able to “solo lvl” 1-10?? There are optional quests that are more challenging that “might” require a few players to complete, but that’s it.

The only time I have ever seen required “group content” while leveling up is when you start doing the actual dungeons.

Well I’ll still happily share server space with you because even though some of us might be “misinformed” I realize it’s just a discussion and not worth belittling other people. I’d rather work together, even if my concerns are ultimately well intentioned if unfounded.

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This is good news for people like me who don’t care about pre-60 experiences. This will help me greatly on the rush to 60. Thanks for fixing this.

You do not.

That’s way more Vanilla-like than you might think, man. They actually used dynamic respawns back in 2004. Confirmed by Mark Kern.

Do you know what is not Vaniilla-like? Sharding and Layering.




People have an irrational dislike for the Vanilla Team Lead who made the game they’re all here dying to play again.

Anyway, thanks to the Blue for confirming this is authentic to Vanilla.