Dying to Evoker is once again a mark of shame

Compared to all the changes (Devo damage dead after Dragonrage and Augmentation gutted to nonexistence) and tier bonuses (Damage bonus that means nothing in the long game + lolprescience) Evoker is once again in the dumpster because of no strong changes to the playstyle of both its actual damage spec and the state of Augmentation in general.

S2 was the only time the class had a staying spot mainly due to augmentation but now its just a free HK for either team.



how to tell a community council member has no idea what they’re saying


Community council. Lmfao. The official forums are something else. I miss arena junkies


Devastation’s damage is amazing mate. Spec is in an ok spot and the issues we do have are not damage-based.

Being a community council member is an even bigger mark of shame


Relax they clearly don’t represent PvP


You sure? I meet more of them on EU than Augs.


Even in stats it’s way more represented than Aug in both regions. It has quite good damage. I met few rank 1 players because hey 1700+ you play Blizzcon. Dreamnyasha for example on his Devoker was sustaining 120 k dps. They played Devoker/Arcane/Disc and I met someone playing Demo/Devoker/Healer. Maybe NA meta is more difficult to play it.

y are people booing OP, he’s right

pres, aug, and dev are all like B and C tier specs, when almost every other class has an A or S tier spec.

(actually aug might be good but i’ve literally never seen one this season, and i’ve played like 100 games)


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not even close. dev still 1tapps whole teams and microwaves for insane single target, augs still pmuch unkillable, pres’s dispells are absolutely insane. noones playing evokers cause noone wants to play a salamander

might be true, but gets farmed by casters and is supposed to be good in a melee meta.

well we’re in a melee meta and they’re getting rinsed by dh/dk and ret paladins and getting one shotted in kidneys

never seen an aug, but the fact that i havent seen one tells me theyre not nearly as good as they were last season

pres is probably like the 5th best healer right now. rdru, mw, disc, (hpal?) maybe, are all better then pres.
even with bleed dispel & curse dispel

the worst players in the whole world played it a ton last season :rage:

if it was still broken they would be playing it.

This is incorrect. We microwave but there is no one-tapping going on anymore.

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Preservation feels very weak right now. The healing output isn’t the same as it used to be

The spec has the highest healing output, highest burst damage, and second-highest sustained damage in shuffle according to Warcraft Arena Logs.

I’ve only played ~50 matches as the spec, but what I feel the spec is missing is a bit higher healing output and a shorter CD on its interrupt. I’d also beef up Rewind because even when I time it well it feels unimpactful, which is a serious issue given that timing it well inherently involves a ton of risk; it should be equally rewarding as it is dangerous.

I also think that Preservation is just affected more by Dampening than other healers. I really think Dampening needs to be altered to only reduce rotational heals, rather than having it arbitrarily nerf the CDs of some specs just because they happen to be healing-based.

Might be gear dependent too. Maybe when we’re fully geared preservation will feel better but wearing this green honor gear it feels pretty bad

I feel like the raw numbers tell a misleading story. Pres has higher throughout because they have no real stops for damage. All of their cooldowns are throughput based with the exception of time dilation, which only staggers damage and doesn’t actually lower it at all.

On the dps side of things, burst dps is the peak damage done in a 3 second window, which is really just going to be a max fire breath into living flame + leaping flames. They have the highest burst but it’s generally spread damage and is inherently less lethal.

If the game isn’t ended before 50% damp, pres just cannot keep up.

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clown shoes

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This just instantly ends rdruids most of the time because you time it with a treant knock up and the druid just can catxhup.

That’s more because you klepto the entire team rather than it’s raw damage, albeit 2 set will make the fire breath cast some weenie living flames for some extra dam

against casters i just abuse pillar los and laser thru walls with hover cus the range disadvantage makes me wanna apply my head thru drywall, but that’s me learning the class still :dracthyr_a1: