Dwarf priests will be the meta. Ret pally ted talk

Hope no one wants to play a night elf priest, that fear ward is going to become very important. Only reason I wont roll priest, I dont like playing a dwarf. :face_vomiting:

So, lets talk ret paladin, anyone going to roll one? Been thinking about ret, Seal of wisdom → healer melee bosses for mana uptime, new way to play healer? I cant wait to see how SOM will play out.

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Two-handed paladin life so ya. Prot/Holy/ Ret two handed tank or Full ret for other things. I been wanting to make some Paladin only guilds for a long time or Human Priest/Paladin/Warrior Knight/Kingdom theme guild. No game out that has me more excited for sure.


Dwarf priests were always the meta.

Ret pally will never be.

Play what you’ll have fun with whether a guild/raid will take you or not.


Female dwarf retribution paladin. Screw the meta.


I doubt they’re gonna mess with anything related to race skills, spells, abilities, talents, but man am I hopeful.


I’d like to do a full tier 2 or rank 10 31/0/20 Paladin that can heal in raids but use a 2 hander and smash in pvp.

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I’m playing a night elf priest and nobody can stop me


Fem dwarf any class

Im gonna do that. Dwarfadin… or tauren 2h enh shammy coz i neverplayed horde in vanilla or classic.

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fear ward will be important and stay important. in classic, fear ward was mandatory when DPS was low, and tanks HP/mitigation was low, but once it was higher no one cared about fear ward…SoM, gear scarcity, yup, fear ward will be important P1 to P6.

Maybe Nightfall will actually be a thing this time around? Longer boss fights, more debuff slots and no world buffs and all…

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Rank 1 wing clip melee hunter :cry:

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people coping thinking SoM will be different
Rets aint getting stuff before Warriors, especially now with changes

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DERP. Everyone maxxes out meta and “OP GAME IS TOO EASY”


Ret > most things.

No, because why? Who is going to wield the Nightfall? A ret paladin or an enhancement shaman? Both slots would have far greater benefit from a better DPS class, period.

I think people should play what they want but the meta will be EXACTLY THE SAME. In fact, it’s likely going to be worse because there is definitely not going to be any reason to take a non-meta spec. Will people find guilds willing to take them? Maybe. Higher chance at raiding with your meme spec if you create a guild from the ground up.

If people are trying to fill spots, there will be 0 calls for non-meta players.

I don’t think this will be nearly as popular as you think. The supersweaties will clump up in “top guilds.” The rest will need enough warm bodies.


You’re right. Want to raid 1-2 phases behind the rest? You might be lucky and find a guild who needs a “warm body.”

Oh, I’m not even gonna bother with SoM. I’m just waiting to read all the drama here.

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Glad you said most since you can’t turn into a bear

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