Dungeon finder will give 1% of max xp upon completion

I logged onto the wrath public test realm and made a level 70 premade character and wanted to try to Q for a dungeon, i noticed that it takes 1.5 million xp to level from 70 to 71 and a normal wrath dungeon through dungeon finder gives 16k upon completion. I really don’t want to complain about getting dungeon finder but this is far too little far too late, this would be a terrible start to cata classic, I would hate for dungeon finder to get the battleground treatment of -99% xp compared to when it originally came out please buff atleast 100x


Yeah that is pitiful.

Questing and RDF should provide equal xp per hour when run optimally.


Sounds bugged tbh.


Blizz hates going back on what they say and listening to the players. Wouldn’t surprise me they sabotage RDF in some way.


Checked Wowpedia, it has a table of xp/money earned per random dungeon from old expansions, looks like WotLK is supposed to be 33k xp on completion (remember that mob kills give a good bit of xp) altho it could’ve been nerfed when Cataclysm came out and it was originally higher than 33k.

You realize you also get exp from the stuff you know kill in the dungeon?


Of course, you also get xp killing mobs during quests.

The leveling rates for both activities should be similar.


Sounds like the fix is to give a plus 2000 percent exp buff to groups made with the lfg tool. To insensitivise not using rdf. As that has been blizzards mo all xpac.

So blizzard can say rfd failed like they expected.


You mean it gives 16k as an EXTRA BONUS for finishing the dungeon, right? You still get all the normal exp for killing mobs.

What are you even complaining about? You want a bigger bonus extra gift at the end?


i think an experienced player would have understood that just fine and yes i think 1% of my total xp bar as the extra bonus isnt a real bonus


Some people won’t admit to being greedy, entitled children. But you owned it. Bravo!


so what happened did they nerf the dungeon exp or what?
ima laugh so damn hard if they try to screw over rdf but i wont be surprised at all.

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It was never supposed to be, the benefit is actually being able to run a dungeon in the first place.


This isnt actually a fair complaint because you arent counting the exp you get from the dungeon. If the RDF completion is just 16k… what about the rest of the dungeon?

For run you get a lot of exp, get a bonus is not in the plan when you run a dungeon, if they give us, even if is a sh1t, is welcome. Is very greedy complain for not getting a bonus for complete.

If you want it to be like Retail, where you kill only last boss and you get the big bonus, cuz the normal exp on retail from mobs are low, in classic is different, I don’t know in what expansion they changed this

i dont want it to be like retail i want it to be more like wrath and in wrath it gave a lot more than 1%

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No it didn’t the bonus exp was always negligible.


I sense…skippers.

Man, we are gonna have to kill everything now!

Which for those wanting gear in some dungeons…will be needed anyway. 200 dead mobs is 200 chances of boe drops lol. Brute force that low as hell drop rate lol.

A trash green to a dude who is still running wrists now old as hell from 12 levels ago…would like that green all the same lol.

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no it was a substantial amount of experience when in wrath/cata/mop/wod/legion, its more comparable to the amount of xp you get from timewalking dungeons in retail than anything else

I sense people that are omitting facts to push an argument to be outraged about.