Dungeon Encounter Adjustments - June 8

What’s the unavoidable damage on that boss that kills you?

Means dungeons aren’t hard at +5.

So, now players can do a 30 of that particular dungeon instead of a 29 and then run into a similar issue all over again?

Then they can nerf something else, get a 31 done, and then wait for another nerf to do a 32?

Players are doing keys so far past where the rewards stop it’s insane, and making tweaks to keep going seems fairly worthless to focus on but whatever.

For some of those spells, it could still kill some classes/specs at +20 tyrannical if they didn’t use a defensive or didn’t have one to use (or as a combo with other unavoidable damage that could be happening at the same time).

Considering every single dungeon has been timed at 28-29 I guess I don’t see the value in chasing nerfs on infinite scaling.

But whatever, Blizz going to do what they do.

By over you mean there is still like 3 months left


No. Because even if you’re doing a 20 (which is not high at all), if you get targeted with Castigate 3 or 4 times which DOES happen, you’re dead.

These abilities were unreasonable. I said this at launch lmfao.

At some point this has to happen with infinite scaling because math.

Being able to always survive everything with no cooldowns isn’t a realistic option in an infinite scaling.

It just makes damage insanely toothless at the lower end.

Because the rest of the dungeon is feasible except these specific instances. I think most people would prefer to have the experience where they can’t put out enough damage to chew through the HP of the dungeon vs. being able to cruise through and then hit a wall with one specific mechanic.

Either way, why do you care so much? Who cares if players are doing +1000 keys? The rewards stop at 15 and these changes are irrelevant to +15 keys. Are you just here to be toxic to changes that impact another group of players rather than yourself?

Your point is valid. But these nerfs were necessary. That’s really all I’m trying to say.

We don’t care about what goes on in 30s. As I and others have mentioned, these abilities were absolutely demolishing people in 20s.


I already said I don’t care what they do.

It just seems pointless to keep messing with a system that by definition will reach these choke points.

Yeah ok, but they’re totally reasonable at +2 thru +15.

If mechanics start breaking around 20, then stop putting rewards at 20, leave it 15 like it was in the past, let people cheese mechanics with specific comps at higher keys than that, call it a day. Nerfing something that breaks at 20 just trivializes it even more at the levels where it worked fine.

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Yes, it happens. The problem is that it was happening at a level that still has rewards (KSH portals and the 278 conduit items) Pushing it up from say 20 to 22 where you have an unavoidable death to RNG is a good thing.

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I don’t think anybody feels bad for 278 conduits from KSH when the alternative is CE and gladiator but that is a different topic.

If you’d rather run into a hard stop due to 1 ability in a dungeon then fine. But for players that are looking for the challenge, these are great changes.

Why would that bother you. 15s are a joke no matter what.

Please acknowledge that you exist in a bubble that doesn’t include everyone.
Plenty find +15s hard.
Just like plenty find Heroic Raids hard.
My current guild burnt out before clearing Normal.

Some guy up there was claiming “20s aren’t high keys”.
Literally the last level of M+ that has anything tied to it, and it’s “not high”.

People get really dumb when rating M+ difficulty. It’s kind of insane.


At a level that gives a reward, there should be no unavoidable RNG deaths. Once you go past that in an infinite scaling system, those become ok.

Yes and my point is that if the current scaling breaks mechanics that are intended to be hard-hitting before the rewards run out, then they’re putting the rewards at too high of a level.

Castigate is a big hitter on a single target.
It’s okay if it hurts.

But it can’t hurt for appropriately geared players doing a +10 if we’re tuning it down because of it’s behavior with +468% damage or whatever at +20.

Or maybe Blizzard needs to find a way to nerf mechanics only after a certain keystone level threshold. When they nerf raid mechanics, it’s not all or nothing, it’s separated by difficulty.


Take your own advice. I wasn’t the one saying where they should stop rewards at.

So they’re some of the absolute worst players in the game. We shouldn’t be bringing rewards down for them. Get better.

They aren’t. People are doing 30s right now. The only one who doesn’t get this is you. Because you’re in a bubble.