Dual Spec Classic

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and thy are working on fixing those bugs. they aren’t going to go and add stuff that obvious came after though.
no dual spec.
no transmog.
no balance changes.
no LFD.

Source? My source is that rogues, for instance, don’t have to respec twice a week just to do solo content. Not so for healers and tanks, not to mention having to farm a second set of gear. 500 was just a number I threw out, hence the + sign. Also, like I said, people with dual spec still respec occasionally.

but they are, these things take time. did they not fix the bug that let people farm dungeon bosses?

I never said the communities shared memories were incorrect. I said they could be invalidated by the vanilla reference client. We’ve already seen this happen early in the Classic beta with how summoning pets was working with warlocks.

Human memories are far less reliable than data stored on a computer, even shared memories. That’s a fact.

I agree. I’d be extremely surprised if they said this was working as intended. Blizzard has yet to confirm or deny this one as far as I’m aware, which to me suggests they probably know it’s a bug but do not want to address it yet.

Pay very careful attention to what you’re about to read below.


When you make any change to Classic… it no longer remains Classic. Instead, the game changes into something else entirely different. The minute you add or remove any feature into Classic, it does not matter what it is; be it a voting system, gate, dungeon maps, ability to link items in local chat, guild banks, class balance, achievements, barber shop, XP for winning a battlground, dual spec, transmog, dungeon finder, flying, etc then you may as well be playing BfA. You are flat out asking Blizzard to remove from or add to Classic WoW.

If you modify one thing, to Classic then you may as well modify everything else and call it BfA. It’s simply not fair to add to or remove one feature, no matter how small you or anyone else think it is, and deny all other features.

For those who want to argue slippery slope: There is no “slippery slope” about it. No, things do not have to change (and they never will either).

J. Allen Brack said that Blizzard will make Classic as it was and thus creating an authentic experience for the players. You want changes? BfA is --------------> that way.


Quote from Ion Hazzikostas: Just as importantly, Hazzikostas says, is that Classic “is what it is” and that players have to take “the bad with the good”—even if that means missing a boat because a priest mind controlled you. “There is no lobbying the developer to change that because the game is what it was in 2005,” he adds. “It has to be accepted, which then frees everybody to find all the positive aspects, all the upsides of that friction and those inconveniences because there’s a certain acceptance of the downsides.”


For those who say “Ion is not gospel”. Let me ask you a question. When a Police Officer arrests you for impersonation of a Police Officer, are you going to tell the judge, “The police officer is not gospel.”? No. Of course not. And why not? Because you’re going to make yourself look extremely very silly. The quoted information came from two C-Level Blizzard employees and you’re going to tell everyone else that it is “not gospel”?

Good luck.

And, if you’re going to link the definition of “slippery slope”, be it from wikipedia or other source: let me just stop you yet again because this is what you look like: “I know the definition of slippery slope, therefore I’m going to shoehorn it into my argument and hope nobody notices I’m wrong.

You are flat out ignoring what Blizzard said because you disagree with #nochanges. You might even be tempted to name call that group “stupid” or “dumb”. You can argue “but…but muh layering” or “but…but muh in-game clock” all you like until you’re blue in the face. It does not change the fact that your changes are not going to happen. Full stop. Which part of there is no lobbying the developer to change that because the game is what it was in 2005 did you not understand?

Like I said before, you want your changes made to Classic WoW? ----------------> BfA is waiting for you. All of your changes are already in BfA. Have fun.


The number of bug fixes is almost inconsequential compared to the number of bugs. Hell, I think most people would be happy with a statement of “We know there are a bunch of bugs. Sorry. We screwed up and are working on it ASAP.” But no, we’ve gotten nearly radio silence on that front.

no, they just have to respec to pvp if they want too, because while combat may be the default to go to pve spec, it is the worst pvp spec.
btw - rogues are something like the 4th least played class in vanilla, 3rd if you look at it per faction (as in paladins and shamans are both lower, but you would expect that, as they are faction locked).
so i guess your source is crap isn’t it?

welcome to blizzard PR. there is none. they are absolutely crap at PR and have been for a while.

And you think healers or tanks have it better on that front? Hell, my PvE Shadow spec is bad at PvP. Rogues can still solo quest just fine as combat. Hell, while it’s not optimal, they can also murder people as combat just fine. I’ve seen 2 combat rogues wipe out 8 people that were caught by surprise in the UBRS entrance. What do rogue population numbers have to do with this conversation?

:stuck_out_tongue: I just wanted to show my warlock cred in stating the infernal thing isn’t as it was in Vanilla.

Except this is exactly how it’s working LOL

gentle pats

Starts shouting
Dual spec should not be in classic. Level 2 of the same class. Plenty of time. There’s your classic dual spec.

Negative. Guild banks would be the most reasonable thing to add.

the reason gold has a value in classic is because of gold sinks like respeccing. giving dual-spec was one of the things that caused the value of gold to collapse and eventually lead to gold being completely worthless.

Since I play a hybrid I wish there was a hybrid discount for respeccing… Thats it tho. Ive had the same thoughts back in the day too.

When im out by myself or for the most part I am my dps spec. For groups I am capable and have the gear to tank, however, I have to respec to get this done.

Regardless of how good i am at tanking and how geared I am, I should still be specced for it. I wish I can help the world and provide an extra tank for a group, but unless I want to take a big hit in gold I cant.

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I can’t argue with that. I’m running our bank and the spreadsheeting is a PITA.

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Yea I’ve heard a lot complaining about that. Lol

If you would like to show proof of it working differently please feel free to do so. Actually any proof at all for anything you said. Like bosses running faster etc.

Thankfully, you did that for us. That was very kind of you.

Also, https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/c/wow-classic/support-and-bug-report, the bug report forums are that way. ->

Feel free to peruse the multitude of bugs and video evidence provided therein.