Dual Spec Classic

Time for Dual Spec.
Just as the first time and so the second time around Dual Spec will make the game experience better not worst.

–Why being forced to play a solo farming spec in dungeons or raiding 1 wile farming?
Where are the benefits of not having duel spec?
Whats wrong with having it?

We have the benefit of experience and seeing how some features that wore added during the coarse of the game enhanced the game experience for the better and other untimely diminished that experience .

Did Dual Spec enhanced or diminished the game experience since its implementation until present? My opinion is that it was positive and not game breaking in any way.

Will implementing Dual spec lead to calls for implementation of few or several more game features that make sense and are not game breaking? Sure it might.
So whats wrong with that? As long as we as community who play and support this game want this changes.

I suggest a in-game Poll in a form of a pop up window upon login in that ask a 1-2-3 questions related to this topic. That way we will get more participation in the Polling process from larger % of people and not just the few % that bother to go to the forums and thus more accurate results.

Something along the lines:
1- Would you like to see Dual Spec implemented in to Classic WoW A-Yes, B-No
2- Do you remember it being implemented in Original WoW and if so did you like it then and though it was a good addition to the game? A-Yes, B-No
3- Do you believe this feature will be a positive quality of life improvement for Classic WoW?. A-Yes, B-No
4- Do you believe implementation of Dual Spec will be a game breaking for Classic WoW?. A-Yes, B-No (If the answer is No please explain in 1-2 short sentences why?.)


No thank you


I typically don’t go out of my way to feed obvious trolls, but given I’m on my lunch break with nothing better to do here goes:

  1. No
  2. Yes - Different times, and we now have the benefit of hindsight
  3. No
  4. Yes - We have no other significant raw gold sinks in Vanilla. Respec costs are basically going to be the only thing holding the economy together once everyone has their mounts.


The lack of ability to change your spec gives you a sense of identity in your server’s community.

“Oh frank, hes a RESTO shaman”

“Bob is a tank warrior”



No, it wasn’t in the Vanilla version of the game.

No, it wasn’t in the Vanilla version of the game.

No, it wasn’t in the Vanilla version of the game.

Yes, it wasn’t in the Vanilla version of the game.

Funny how that answer works perfectly well for each of those questions. We already know what Classic is supposed to be. Leave it alone!


What i would like to see the the respec cost be capped at about 25 gold

Farming gold for respec helps stimulate the economy

You messed up at character selection when you didn’t choose a Mage.


The time for dual spec is April 2009.

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Dual spec, no.

Cheaper costs? Perhaps.


Nah, I’m just gonna main tank as Arms PvP and no one will know the difference =)


Why do you think he’s trolling. I agree with the op and I’d bet if there was a vote Dual spec would be the change that got the most support. The only waste of time is thinking complaints would do any good. We’ll get dual spec in wrath if I recall.

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It’s time for dual spec? Are you serious?

Look I understand that you are a retail scrub posting on your retail char, but no mate, no. And also no.

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There’s a lot of, “this would have the most support” claims.


Making an argument based on a fake picture with a number next to it is the most trivial and stupid argument a person can make.

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No mate, no.

Wow, you said no twice. That’s another brilliant argument. You really made your case dude.

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Thanks mate, thanks.


Let’s roll through what makes a troll post.

:ballot_box_with_check: Controversial topic we know a certain community hates
:ballot_box_with_check: Posted on a BfA character
:ballot_box_with_check: Only one post to that characters name
:ballot_box_with_check: Grammar errors riddled throughout the post
:ballot_box_with_check: Acting as if they are completely dumbfounded or confused that no one would like this dumb suggestion (Obviously baiting the arguments between one another)


^ Nice checklist btw.

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