Dual Spec Classic

Ooof, it’s almost like you’ve been arguing with your own video evidence for about 20 posts now. I like how you think that, if you scream loud enough, the video will suddenly agree with you, despite the fact that there’s an entire thread of people agreeing with what I’ve stated. “You’re” btw. Some day we’ll make a non-drooler out of you. Some day.

Answer the question, everything you’ve been pointing out on the video I proved wrong, you moved to the next statement, and I’ve proved wrong. Now you move on to ANOTHER statement and don’t want to tell me what second you think he got hit. Tell me what timestamp did he get hit so I can prove you wrong AGAIN.

bro all i see YOU do is troll and post negative nonsense, never anything constructive to any conversation on the forum. protip: just because someone disagrees with your OPINION does not mean they are trolling. I agree with the OP, dual spec would be a welcome addition to classic, for me, and many others.

considering we have leeway, spell batching, layering, and the dumbed down, 1.12 raid content, the #nochanges argument is moot at this point. discussion of the addition of common sense quality of life changes is fair game, whether you agree or not, whether blizzard agrees or not, people can TALK about it if they want to, dismissing their valid opinions as “trolling” and contributing nothing to the discussion IS trolling.

kang is garbage tho bro lol :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

Don’t get upset because I don’t like MBers friend.

Why should I engage in anything other than bad faith insults, when you’ve repeatedly moved goalposts in your attempt to troll this thread? It’s actually hilarious that you think you’re entitled to anything other than that, after you’ve repeatedly said what constitutes “BUT NUH I’M RIGHT” for this entire thread. :heart: I bet it’s not easy being tilted trash, but I still love you regardless. Okay, maybe not, but I at least understand that it’s probably not fun.

Ok so you’re just gunna spew insults now instead of attempting to defend your (obviously incorrect) point.

Well thanks for helping me destroy you in debate friend! Next time someone calls this a bug I’m going to link back here for the proof I need once again.

Oh btw, enjoy your ban for everything you said HAHAHA

Calls someone a retard/idiot/several other insults before the person they are replying to says anything offensive

Think it’s a smart idea to report the person replying to them

Right back at you, friendo. /facepalm

Crtl + f -retard, idiot, etc

Hmm seems like that you’re the only name coming up for calling anyone that

You know Mods can read edits, right? Goodness, are you a gem…

I didn’t edit a single post where I said that lol. The only edits I have are the ones where it’s automatic and it deletes a quote I quoted. Btw you’ve been quoting me this whole time so how can I edit those?

Actually, I didn’t quote you for quite a few replies.Again, you’re pretty bad at observation. We’re both aware you were lacing posts with insults, so I commend you for getting yourself that temp ban.

Hmm and those ones you didn’t don’t seem to be edited LOL

How about instead of duel spec, you allow Classic characters to upgrade to BFA. That way we can enjoy the leveling experience in Classic, and have dual spec in BFA.

Best of both worlds.

I have to admit, that one was pretty funny tbh. No offense to anyone that has that disorder.

Rofl, thanks for QFT. I wasn’t about to go do all that on a track pad.

None of those are bannable words thanks for stalking me though!

Keep on moving down that Narcissist’s Prayer, sporto. Want to know how I know you haven’t read the ToS for this forum?


You know this means literally nothing coming from you right?