[Druid] Unable to change travel/moonkin forms in barbershop?

As per title, can only change bear and cat… Moonkin and travel dont appear as an option but other druids seem fine???


Similar issue. I have only options for legion flight form or swift flight form. I have lost my humble flyer and sentinel form. There is no option for aquatic or ground travel forms.

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Same thing here.

Anything that was previously a glyph (sentinal form, dolphin form, Doe form etc) you have to re-buy the glyph, apply it and it will unlock it in the barber. Travel form wont show up until you do this, and unless you have the legion class mount flight form wont show up either until you apply the sentinel glyph.
Moonkin form however it dosnt seem like it can be changed in the barber which is disappointing, if you want glyph of stars you have to re-apply the glyph to whatever spec you are playing


Your misunderstanding… It doesnt even give me the option to change either form. I has the option to change human form, cat form and bear form. No travel form option at all, no moonkin form option at all.

This is very strange because i had all of those options on the PTR.

seems to be a bug. same thing happened to me, moonkin, aquatic and travel(mount) forms (the whole form, not just individual appearances) were missing from the barbershop customization. bought and applied the mark of the tideskipper (formerly glyph of the tideskipper) as well as the mark of the cheetah (formerly glyph of the cheetah) and the 2 forms show up in barbershop. Not sure about moonkin form tho, that one is still missing for me.

Ugh really? I don’t want to spend the gold o that again. is it, at least, account wide?

Just race changed (i was planning on race changing anyway) and i now have options to change travel form, aquatic form, moonkin form, etc.

Im not sure i havent tried another druid but i sure hope so.
The Legion artifact ones certainly sre though so thats something XD

ok thats strange then because i also race changed but i cant change moonkin form only everything else

To update- I did try as I have way too many druids. Unlocking it for one, unlocks it for all!

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You need to have alternative looks for those forms before the option shows up. I have multiple druids. The first one I logged in didn’t have any appearance glyphs for flight or aquatic forms. So I only got the options for the other forms. Since he’s a Troll druid, there’s no alternative forms for Moonking form except glyphs, which I don’t have, so no Moonking form selection either.

I then logged into the second druid, which has flight and aquatic form glyphs. Also, he’s a Zandalari, so he has multiple color choices for the regular aquatic form. So he had those options, plus the glyph options to select from.

Then I logged back into the first druid, now the glyphs forms from the Zandalari druid show up as options for the Troll one.

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It’s not quite clear this glyph thing. I’m towards to think this is a bug.

Here is the facts for my druids in barber shop:

Shows to change: Bear, Cat, Moonkin, Fly, Travel and Aquactic. Don’t have any glyphs

Shows to change: Bear, Cat and Fly. Have some glyphs

Zandalari Troll:
Shows to change: Bear, Cat and Fly. Don’t have any glyphs

Shows to change: Bear, Cat and Fly. Have all the glyphs


Tauren here no travel forms other than fast flight form and lunarwing so far @ lvl 20

Worgen here, and I have just the bear, cat, and travel. No aquatic or flight either.

I have access to all forms I previously had access to except for the early forms, which you have to purchase a glyph for (or in my case, have to level an inscriptionist to do it yourself, since it seems to be available nowhere). I did not have to repurchase anything, and having the doe glyph on some characters meant all others have access to it now.

Which variants of these forms did you have previously but are not available in the barbershop?

As far as I know the only variant of travel form is doe form. If you didn’t have that before, you will have to buy and learn the glyph on at least one character. Which travel form are you missing?

I’m not seeing an option for aquatic form. I presume this is because I never purchased a glyph to unlock one.

This is not a racial thing. I have checked and I have the same options on trolls, taurens, night elves, and worgens.

I figured out what to do! There are new items on the AH called “Marks of the…” all are there for all the forms just have to buy or make (Inscription?) the marks now.


Same thing is happening to me, but ONLY Aquatic Form options are missing. I have two druids, both Alliance, and BOTH had the Tideskipper glyph applied to Aquatic Form prior to pre-patch dropping. However, one of them has the Aquatic Form appearance selector show up in the Barber Shop options, and the other does not.

My wife has a max level Druid (120 now 50), and she had all options available to her at the barber upon login after the prepatch launch. I have a Druid that is 44 after prepatch, and even though we had the exact same glyphs equipped for: flying, ground, aquatic, and balance forms, I don’t have the option to change anything other than bear and cat forms. I shouldn’t have to buy glyphs that I already have equipped again.

There’s also a glyph of cheetah which allows you to use the old cheetah travel form.